Friday, August 14, 2009

Some of the best things about the transient month of August

1. Driving from Boise to Rexburg with Isha and Beckah.
2. The water park and carousel with sisters.
3. The HUGE thunderstorm that hit Rexburg that night and dancing and running around in the torrents of rain, with lightning and thunder overhead.
4. Milkshakes (sort of experimental milkshakes) afterwards and great conversations with Isha, Beckah, and Jacob.
5. Setting up a camping tent in the rain with Isha and Beckah. What a ridiculous feat that was. And the second the tent was up, the rain stopped.
6. Seeing the shows at the 'Mill.
7. Playing "Go Fish" with Isha's Romantic and Classical composer cards. Instead of saying the name of the card, you had to say "Do you have any ___" and hum a few bars of one of the compositions of the composer on the card. And if you didn't have it, you would say "Compose" instead of "Go Fish."
8. An 80's dance party in Canyon Street Grill at midnight, with Playmill kids and the general waitstaff of West Yellowstone. Including the guy who was our waiter at Pete's earlier in the day. Oh, and the game of "Have You Ever" that we played before dancing.
9. Fun times in the Playmill mansion.
10. The Mountain Man Rendezvous. (Which is also sort of a hippie commune too.)
- Walking into a barrel of hatchets and cutting my knee open.
- The most amazing scones in the history of the world. We ate a lot of them.
11. Arriving in California so tired that I couldn't tell left from right or what day it was or if I was hungry or not.
12. Spending 10 minutes in a paddle-boat with Oma and Beckah trying to come up with a specific working definition of the word "patronizing" that we all agree on. (Actually, the paddle-boat trip with Oma and Opa in general was pretty great.)
13. Seeing 3 movies with Beckah for free.
14. The traditional insane game of Uno at a Wolff family gathering.
15. Spending 45 minutes looking through all the fabric in three fabric stores to find a formal material in the perfect shade of "peacock blue" for Mindy's possible bridesmaid's dresses, nearly giving up, and then finding it: A roll of peacock blue taffetta, in the farthest back corner of the last store we looked in.
16. Sitting in the Lindsay's barn house living room, listening to them sing together.
17. The Haight-Ashbury with Beckah.
- Our favorite crepes place
- Sleeping(ish) in Golden Gate park, amongst children and hippies and people playing the drums.
- Making fun of old record covers in Amoeba music
- Doing otherwise absolutely nothing, which was wonderful
18. Talking with the Lindsay girls. And one Pachigalla girl. =)
19. Bohnanza with Becca, Heidi, Phil and Alex on the front porch on Phil's birthday.
20. Great phone (and/or text) conversations with Jacob.
21. My right knee being utterly destroyed, at least on a surface level.
22. Being insanely absent-minded. Apparently, since I'm not in school right now and don't HAVE to use my brain as much, something in me decided that I didn't have to use my brain AT ALL.
23. Riding BART.
24. Hearing the familiar and endearing Bay Area term "hella" all the time again. Well, overhearing, more like.
25. Not showering. From Wednesday until Saturday.

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