Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Closing thoughts on Transience

A few more memories that demand sharing:

1. Hanging out in Seagull Book with Beckah, and creating a ridiculous story by taking turns reading passages from different Anita Stansfield books. The funny thing was that the story we created was no less ridiculous than any of the stories she writes on her own.

2. Watching "Star Trek Original Series" episodes with Mom, Ray, and Beckah over dinner.

3. Running through the sprinklers to get to Beckah's apartment. Which sounds like a free-spirited kind of thing to do, but it was more that it was impossible to walk on the sidewalk without getting soaked. So we ran. And dodged puddles. And just when we thought it was safe, MORE sprinklers came on.

4. Running into my sister Melissa at the Salt Lake Airport on my way back to Idaho. It was INSANE! What are the odds? She was flying to Houston and then on to Honduras, and just so happened to be waiting at the gate that I passed as I walked toward the bag claim on my way to catch the shuttle. I heard someone say "Liz Whittaker?!" and thinking that I was in the Salt Lake Airport and not surprised to see someone I knew, I turned and was shocked to find that it was my own flesh and blood! It was so crazy.

And, in conclusion, the moment you've all been waiting for.


Here are some of the gems from this trip:

"I can't quite get the ice down my pants." --Dad

Candice: "I love their pantry!"
Liz: "I know!"
Candice: "It's like a store."
Liz: "With labels!"

Liz: "Wasatch Academy is cool! It's like this...Boston...New England...school."
Beckah: (disappointedly) "I was hoping it would be more like Hogwarts."

(with exasperation) "First they lick me, then they bite me!" --Kevin

"How can you eat pickles at eleven o'clock at night!?" --Beckah

"Oh no! It makes perfect sense! Get me a white-board and we'll debate this right now!" --Thierry

Melissa: "We just stashed the crucifix, because we felt bad."
Beckah: "You should have made a kite!"
Liz: "A Jesus-kite."
Jeff: "It would have flown straight and true."

"What if we went swimming in caffeine? That would solve the nap problem." --Tyler

Liz: (dancing in celebration of bowling well)
Melissa: (patting Liz's arm sweetly) "You need to get married."

"How long can you hold your water?" --Natalie

"I wanna be a little kid again. Growing up SUCKS! Did you know that the body begins decaying at age 27? Our lives are almost OVER!" --Thierry

Liz: "Where'd you get that ice cream?"
Beckah: "From the fridge in the panty."

"I got a second wind, but I really want a salad!" --Isha

"Cover me with as many inches of your body as you want to." --Beckah

Isha: "I thought you said the hotel was by the temple!"
Dad: "What? No, it's by the mall."
Isha: "Same thing."

"I only fasted for one meal today. I half-fasted." --Liz

Liz: "It's John Colton!"
Isha: "Or John Coltrane! I think it'd be much cooler if there was a jazz artist involved."

"We have tuberculosis pasta." --Beckah

"That's like The Host! I love The Host! Have you read The Host? You should read The Host!" --Isha

Beckah: (dancing across the living room with a fedora) "That's my dance."
Mom: "She came out of MY womb."

"Kid's pizza! You can pretend you're ten! Or Autistic. Maybe they'll give you pizza if you're Autistic." --Isha

"What's that smell? It smells like when you first open a bag of pool toys." --Beckah

"What is it about cheese that's so celestial? When I become a God, cheese is going to play an integral part in my universe." --Jeff Gonzales

"Das ist mein birthmark!" --Beckah

Mom: "That's my personal idea of hell."
Beckah: "What--keeping commemorative glasses from weddings?"

"I was looking at vultures today and thinking 'Wow, those guys eat carrion' and I wondered, is there such a thing as bad carrion?" --Ray

"Oops, I was crooked. Davy Crooked." --Opa

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Petey said...

I laughed through this ENTIRE thing! So hard! I could build a statue out of how much laugh fell out of me! I especially loved the Jesus kite bit and anything spoken by Beckah. Her life's calling seems to be inserting brilliant comments into the lives of others. Which is similar to yours, btw.