Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday, June 10th - Monday, June 15th: THE GREATEST MOMENTS

"The summer sweetness fills my heart with songs
I cannot sing, with loves I cannot speak."
-- From "A September Night" by George Marion McClellan

This is a long list. I'm grateful for a lot of things lately. You know how when you pay your tithing, the Lord promises to bless you so that "there will not be room enough to receive it"? (Malachi 3:10) I'm reminded/learning that the principle applies to all other aspects of your life as well. Except I don't remember what I gave up...I can't imagine that I've at some point sacrificed anything big enough to be so incredibly blessed. My heart doesn't have room enough to receive it.

Seeing Beckah standing in the rain, having just stepped off the shuttle. Even though this picture was taken in the rain at Nellie's house several days later.

Jordan in the Havana scene in "Guys and Dolls."

Trying to guess what food item Cameron would bring onstage next in "Guys and Dolls."

Reading "Travels With Charley."

Teaching Sarah, Cherie, Beckah, Scott, and Carrie how to play "Ninja Destruction."

The "Footloose" variety show.

Addison's most embarrassing moment story. One day I'll try to record it somehow, but I simply cannot do it justice on my own.

Finding lime green Ray Bans sunglasses at the University Bookstore for $10.

The amount of cuddling that took place.

Skipping out on homework to see "Up," and discovering the entire Playmill cast there celebrating Heidi's birthday.

How awesome "Up" was.

Danny's dancing. In general.

The fact that this sign is hanging in the Playmill Housing.

Jenny reaching between a woman's legs and under her chair for her pearls at the end of "Take Back Your Mink."

3/4 lbs. of candy.

And Gushers. Three boxes of them.

Time spent on love-sacks.
love sack cuddle

Rock-lobbing with Beckah around Hebgen Lake.

Nellie's testimony and example.

The strange and wonderful inhabitants of West Yellowstone, Montana.

Playing with David and William @ Brother Miller's house, and jamming with a group of talented musicians who love what they do.

"Apples to Apples" with the Chapmans on Sunday evening.

A nice long talk with Jordan while driving from West Yellowstone to Rigby. ("When I hate my hair, it is long. When I like my hair, it is short.")

Liz: "Ba-doo-ba-doo-ba-do-ba-day."
Beckah: "I love to sing all day."
Liz: "In the month of May."
Beckah: "Wearing...spandex."

Quoting "Rescuers Down Under," "Fern Gully," and "Fievel Goes West" with Beckah while driving around Yellowstone.

Seth and Mattie June, asleep on one of the lovesacks, all tangled together and cuddly.

This image (which she might kill me for posting). Yeah, that's her sports bra over her towel:


Wade Robson's "Crash Test Dummy" dance on So You Think You Can Dance.

Jordan and I dubbing Jenny and Chris' conversation from 30 feet away.

Addison grabbing my butt as a greeting in the lobby of the theatre.

The fact that with theatre people, butt-grabbing is a totally acceptable greeting after roughly 4 days.

Rehearsing "The Problem" with Nancy and Jacob. (And getting wonderful feedback from Beckah and Jack.)

Seeing the five-two's all together again.

Critter wearing his belt, boots, and cowboy hat with his PE outfit in "Footloose."

Liz: *gasp* "Scott, I just saw your wife's cleavage."
Scott: "I know, isn't it awesome?"

Being so tired that everyone acts slightly intoxicated. Still not quite recovering from lack of sleep created by continuing to have too much fun.

Spending an afternoon in the company of Sarah and Cherie.

Trying to figure out the cause of Beckah's one inexplicably, unwashably purple earlobe.

Learning Tahitian dancing in World Dance class.

Ridiculous dreams about technology and celestial shenanigans.

Thinking/praying at least a hundred times that I am so grateful to be where I am, doing what I'm doing, surrounded by wonderful people who amaze me.

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