Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Ever feel like your life is in front of a computer screen?" --Bro. Bennion, as he walked by my desk in the English Dept. Office today

Yes, Bro. Bennion. Do I ever.

Especially since it ain't raining today. And I've got a motorbike that's simply screaming to be taken on a joy ride. And there are smoothies to be eaten (drunk?), and poetry to read, and sisters to see (tomorrow!), lines to memorize and songs to practice, and laundry to be done.

And MesoAmerica Tour surveys to type up. One day this stack of typing projects will actually be diminished by the hours I spend typing. This item on the to-do list is one I don't care for.

I've been missing Oregon a lot lately. Especially the Oregon coast. Maybe just the Pacific Ocean. Or...well, I guess just the ocean in general. Be it the San Francisco Bay, the Oregon Coast, or the Atlantic off the coast of El Salvador...I've got that sea-faring yearning that calls to young sailors and makes us all do desperate things. 2 more months of life inland and then maybe for a week or two this longing can be satisfied.

I've past the point of spring fever, I think, and have settled into that balmy, steady longing of "summer fever." Not quite as antsy and desperate as spring fever, but filled with restlessness just the same. All I can think about is public parks and music.


Shiloh said...

hey Liz, I read your poem, I loved it. Thanks.

iBo said...

You know what has been really dumb lately? My computer has decided it can't handle heat so it shuts down at critical moments like in the middle of an online test. Good timing eh? I'd like my stupid laptop to act like a good screen. Dumb thing.

Anyway, I added you to my list of Blogs. I've been doing better at blogging lately. So now we're officially friends.