Saturday, March 21, 2009

"And the riverbank talks of the waters of March -- It's the promise of life, It's the joy in your heart." --Aguas de Marzo

Tonight, I've got me a mild case of the blues. This happens to me without fail about once a month, to be quite frank, but it's excentuated by the fact that tonight, a Friday night, my roomates and I went to the store and then made cookies, which we ate at least half of, took a dozen pointless quizzes on facebook, and then went to bed.

Which was great. I loved it. I love my roomates. But...I've got spring and adventure and a desperate sense of time running out in my veins! I had visions of hiking "R Mountain" and making a bonfire, of dressing up and running around town, of finding some yuppie dance party to crash. So while Broulims and cookies and quizzes was lovely, it did nothing to satiate my spring fever. And while spring fever is bearable and even sort of glorious at 2 in the afternoon, it's absolutely insufferable at 2 in the morning. If I had a car, I'd kidnap some fellow adventuring friend and we'd drive to Denny's and then explore the new Hart Auditorium construction site. Or something. (Or at least I would if he'd ever ask me out or give me his number...)

But to remind me of the light at the end of the tunnel, I have these things:

First of all, Jenny is so much better! She's taking pills that probably weigh somewhere around 7 lbs., but they seem to be working. All symptoms are fading, and all systems are go.

Second of all, it's spring.

The weather has gone from this:

To this!

It was nearly physical torture to go to my one math class today. But I made it. I spent just about every second of it thinking of being outside, but I got the attendance points, and was never called on to answer anything. So it turned out all right.

Then I came home and got to ride this:
Which was great. It's a great bike. Suzuki Boulevard. Probably too big for me to handle on my own, but I don't really have any interest in manuevering one of these myself. I'm more of a scooter kind of a girl. When it comes to REAL bikes, I much prefer riding behind. I just count myself lucky that one of my best friends has a siiiiiiiick motorcycle.

It's very strange that the reason I'm blue tonight is because I feel so spring feverish. I don't know if "the blues" is quite the right phrase...I guess I'm more sort of...disappointed. Disappointed not to be doing all the crazy, silly, spring fever things I feel like doing. (And that I can still do as a 23-year-old. Although, let's be honest, I'll probably do them when I'm 50, but it's harder to get away with them then...) But I'm blue because I'm not acting on my inner happiness? That's seems simply too paradoxical to be accurate. At least it seems that way to my 2 a.m. brain.

Maybe it ain't strictly the blues I've got tonight. It's the greens. The spring fever greens. The edges of which are slightly tinted by the blues that are brought on by feeling limited in my abilities to express the greens.



Bobowhee said...

i have them too!!! I wish i were up there this weekend Liz...things would have been conquered.

A said...

I totally know the feeling! I used to get the blues/greens all the time in Rexburg. I'd definitely be up for some crazy adventures!

France is said...

Before I was done reading I was thinking... boy, she's got the greens reallll bad. and then, WHAH LAH you said it-
I have a car
and half a mind for terrible adventure

I've been itching.
call me please.
we'll scratch.

Jaggers Brain said...

I will be seeing you next weekend, and we need to have some adventures during the 48 hours I am there! Love you!