Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Eating oatmeal? More like SMOTE-meal!"

Hi all. I realize that this is a completely random picture to post, but its relevant because A) I recently got a henna tattoo, and B) My sister loves camels. Plus, I just thought it was really funny.

So, it occurred to me this morning that I totally wrote a blog on Monday that I forgot to actually post. So here's that one before I post anything else:

Common states of non-bitter single people...

Romantically-focused: Elevated awareness and desire regarding romance and all things related to it, manifested in listening to romantic music, watching romantic comedies, and taking long walks in the moonlight.

Sexually-frustrated: Heightened desire for physical intimacy consisting of anything from holding hands to kissing to spooning to other things that Mormons don’t get to do until we’re married.

Love-hungry: A dangerous combination of the above two states of being, in which the individual’s desire for romance is manifested in impulsive desires to kiss, cuddle and flirt with members of the opposite sex, which are in some extreme cases, followed, with or without dire consequences.

I’m definitely in the last state of being right now. I don’t know why. It’s really not quite fair, if you ask me. I’m afraid I’ll come off as a Mormon hussy if I flirt and cuddle with as many boys as I want to as often as I want to nowadays. This girl just needs a little lovin’! If one’s primary “love-language” is physical touch, it sure is awful hard to keep that love-tank full when you’re single. Because it still needs filling regardless of my dating status! But most people aren’t ready cuddlers, so you have to initiate it somehow, without seeming a strumpet. A rock and a hard place, if you ask me. I want physical attention. Even if it’s non-romantic.

I’m both really excited and slightly nervous about ASM-ing for “Crazy For You.” My nervousness is about 15% about working with Hyrum, and 85% about the fact that theatre people are so much more flirtatious, and this is a very flirtatious show done by people who are very good friends with each other and yours truly and if I manage to keep my love-hungry self under control during all this backstage closeness it’ll be a miracle. And of course, there have to be attractive boys to lust after in this cast. I was hoping to get onstage in the show and replace one of the flaky actresses who can’t act and who doesn’t show up to rehearsal, but no such luck. But I’m dying to be involved, so me techie blacks I shall don and a headset I shall wear!

Um, I thought I had more to write about, but apparently not. All y’all in “Crazy For You,” I’ll see ya in rehearsal.

For the record, I was all right in the self-control area. It was the boys who had trouble controlling themselves around ME. =) Just kidding, that's not true. But I was actually more focused on other things. Namely, the fact that I haven't worked with Hyrum Conrad since "Fiddler on the Roof," which was...winter of 2005. Like, 2 years. And that after all that time, I don't think I'm so much a fan of Hyrum and his directing style. Nothing I can't work with, of course, but it was an interesting revelation.
In spite of the fact that I don't think I enjoy working with Hyrum as a director, I really want to be IN his show. Not just involved. Not just the "sort of assistant stage manager waiting to know what her job actually is." It was harder than I thought it would be...watching everyone on that stage and not being up there with them. I could be good! I could play Bobby's Mother! And at least 6 people came up to me confidentially and told me that they really want me to replace the current Bobby's mother and be on stage with them. I don't mean to be rude to the current actress, but IF YOU DON'T COME TO REHEARSAL FOR 2 AND A HALF WEEKS WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE WHAT'S GOING ON, YOU LOSE THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING IN THE SHOW. In other situations, you gotta cut people some slack because they're all you have. But in this case, there are several other people who could do a great job and are willing and able to be committed to the show and be professional and love every minute of it! Like me. And I'm not the only one. But Hyrum's got some inexplicable chip on his shoulder about me, and in spite of many prayers, I don't know that he'll be willing to let me on the stage. Power-games, that's what that man plays in his directing. Un-professional if you ask me.
BUT, on the bright side, I've totally got fun, loving friends, a well-paying, bearable job, and several warm blankets to sleep under these chilly nights. I'm headed upstairs to chat with the managers about the fact that I actually CAN pay my rent, another happy thing, and then I'm going to watch a movie and enjoy the rest of my day off. And I don't think I'm going to do my hair. At all. I'm not even going to touch it. So ha ha.

And speaking of theatre, check out this pic from a recent performance of "Comedy of Errors" in the Bay Area, starring my stepfather as BOTH Antipholuses (would that be Antipholi...?)--that's him in the red shirt, and my mother as the Courtesan. The picture's a little small, but I hope I look like my Mom for the rest of my life.
The Courtesan


J-E-N said...

That's so bizarre because when I looked at that picture I thought you were the girl and I was trying to figure out what play you were in recently that I didn't know about. How strange, looking like the parent who birthed you!

Marianna said...

I hope I look like me for the rest of my life, too! Too bad I won't due to Father Time ... ;-)

Thanks, dearest daughter, for what I consider a lovely compliment!