Monday, September 11, 2006

Diversions for merry, yet disturbed youth.


Simply because I would like to post something new, shake things up a bit, pull a little switch-a-roo, but I don't think I really have much to say, I thought I'd do a little online quote-book tribute. Sometimes you just need a lift, a smile, or a laugh, and what better source is there for laughter than the absurd and wonderful things that people say? So read and enjoy, my friends!

"Just because I'm thirsty doesn't mean you have to coddle me!" --Beckah

"My wife does not like to talk about a store." --The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

"My gosh! Kimri knows more people than Santa Claus!" --Jenny Mae

"I am continually looking for my underwear." --Ben

"Ken is the biggest dandy of a doll that ever lived." --Jeff

"If I was a kid, this would be a really cool place to play with action figures. [pause] What that actually translates into is 'I really wish I had some action figures right now.'" --Curtis

"Those rocks up there look like they'd be really fun to jump off of. And those rocks down there look like they'd be really fun to die on." --Dad

"I done did give Daddy his Bible." --Maggie (age 5)

"If someone seems perfect, then either number one, they're Jesus, or number two, they have something to hide. Most likely number two, though." --Ben

"That was stuck on your arm for a while, but I was too tired to tell you." --Kyra

"I'll ask for a second opinion if it's something I don't normally a top." --Meredith

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to chew on your face." --Kathleen

"It smells like baby chickens and death." --David

"You don't want to go to Bangkok. They eat bugs there." --Curtis' mom

"God created grapefruit to measure the size of tumors by." --Roger

"My father was the Shaman of his tribe, okay? And my mother was the High Priestess, okay?
[Then why the hell did they move to New Jersey?]
I don't know, they're so stupid." --The Birdcage

I hope you are merrily diverted! Love to all!

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