Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Every time I see you from the back in that dress, you look like the Pope.

That's what Sam said to me today about my social dance dress for "Seven Brides" tonight. This blog will have to be super short because I have only so much time off-stage. This will just be a preview of the things I've been doing and the stories I have to tell.

In the last month alone, I have:

Made and set off bombs and various fireworks

Gone skinny-dipping

Got fitted for bras at Victoria's Secret

Gone hot-tubbing

Had a crazy dance party

Read 2 books that have made me acutely aware of the pain of being near someone that you love but can't be with

Eaten more fudge than you've ever dreamt about

Mentioned the fact that my sister is coming to visit soon at least once a day, and more often as her visit approaches

Put stickers on 32 boxes of West Yellowstone maps

Choreographed 2 numbers

Been a camp counselor and loved every minute of it

Thought about how much longer of a blog entry I'd like to write in the near future

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I never thought that you looked too much like the Pope, but if you are could you send me your hat. I will buy it at any price if yuo include your glass shielded car.

I wouldn't reccommend skinny dipping but if it helps you lose weight....Hold on that is not what you meant is it??

This is from the man that was formerly Sooper Mooper Missionary Man, and reminds(ed) you of Danny Kaye