Monday, April 03, 2006

What the changes?!

I've decided after a year and a half to make a few changes to my blog. I like redefining everything every now and then. That, and I've got insomnia, and there's nothing worse for a slight identity crisis than insomnia. Perhaps I'll regret all this in the morning. Oh wait, it already is morning. About 3 o'clock in the, to be exact. Thanks to Jenalee Daines for the new title. She said that when we were about 5 years old, and its been in the family ever since.
Sorry to make you mentally or html-ly change the name of my blog. Or both.
You'll thank me for it in the end.
Love from an insomniac in Rexburg.


ilaughyellow said...

no, dont worry... you dont know me.
er, you didnt... but now you do?

we just share campus and a love of comic frenzy and blast.

am i correct?

ilaughyellow said...

sorry, i forgot to answer your question;)

a cataplexic really isnt anything, but i got the basis from cataplexy which is a symptom of narcolepy in which you sudden episodes of loss of muscle function happen often.

so really that title had no significance except that i liked the word cataplexic.

the end:D