Thursday, April 06, 2006

"If one studies too zealously, one easily loses his pants." --Albert Einstein

A thousand curses upon my keyboard. I kind of apologize for the kind of boring picture, but I thought it added a nice sense of irony. Because I HATE my Mac right now. Not on the basis of it being a Mac, of course, but just because the keyboard and mouse have gotten to the point of only working approximately 2% of the time. Dad, I'm selling this machine. For as much as I can get for the evil thing. And then, after my several year haitus from college, I'll buy myself a new iBook and it will solve all of the world's problems.
Gee, this is sort of a grumpy post. I think I'm sick of estrogen. Not necessarily of my own, but just of being surrounded by it. Okay, maybe I take that back. I'm sitting around with my roomates and talking and I just looked over at Jenny, who was laying on her bed with two glue-gun sticks in her nose. Which looks amazing. As Jen added, too bad your nose can't get really hot.
Important update: I'm now single again. And it's okay. It was by my doing. I had an awful half-a-week debating and praying and trying to figure out what to do, and feeling terrible because I've NEVER had to break up with someone before. As in, like, dump them. But it was okay, he took it well, though not indifferently, and we parted having learned a thing or two, with a mutual agreement to avoid awkwardness and continue friendship. But I'm feeling a lot happier and less stressed and confused than I was before.
We had a last shindig of the year at Cindy's tonight. It was so great to spend time with everyone and laugh and banter and play. A lot of those kids are graduating soon, and I'll miss them like crazy. We, according to tradition, played "I've Never," and no matter how many times we play that game, we still learn something new about someone(s) every time. What a joy. I'm really excited about Playmill this summer. I love all those people so much. There was a really fun conversation toward the beginning of the night, a reminiscing of the greatest moments in Comic Frenzy history...what hilarious people I'm friends with. I feel so blessed. And I love Cindy. What a great Mom.
I've been feeling pretty blessed in general lately. I'm quite poor, but working hard, enjoying the things that I'm doing and looking forward to things I plan on doing in the future. I'm surrounded by wonderful people. I'm also really tired. Love you all, and I think this is it for today.


Willie Z said...

Huzzah for your general blessedness!

The whole Mac thing? I think it's a sign. Come to where the Windows is! Are. Come to where the windows are?

Beckah said...

I love you Liz! And don't listen to Willie, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Stay with us! Stay away from the darkness! Ok, I'm done. I want an iBook so badly. I need it! Ah! Anyway, we should talk sometime, cause I have lots of funny stories from our Canada trip (strangely enough, most of them have to do with rape).

Ella said...

Ahh! Computers! Peesha, my comp, just got fixed and now she is beinf fickle again. Grrr! But I don't think I could abandon Peesha. As far as Jeff goes, I'm sorry, but I am sure you learned something about yourself and what you need. Remind me to tell you about my date later. I miss Cindy so much! That is one Mom I will always get along with. I love you sweetie!

isha said...

komm...komm.....komm....yesu komm....

it was the ancient german composers singing their sad laments about their computers breaking... lol