Thursday, February 02, 2006


This is my apartment. This night started out as Kathleen and I attempting to create "Utah Hair," and it ended up as crazy-everyone-hair-and-makeup photo night. Kathleen, Smashley, Jenny, Jen, and I tend to get a little on the loopy side around midnight. Annie too...last night around 2am, our apartment prayer sounded something like "Thank you for eachother and...stuff...and how we can be silly...we're's late..." I think the Lord will understand.
In other news, I call all viewers of this blog to go to watch OK Go's music video of "A Million Ways." I also call all Mormons to learn this dance and we will start a new fad at church dances. I'm in love with everyone in this band.
My ear really really really itches right now. I'm not sure's a little distressing. Maybe my ear's allergic to Scott, cause he's sitting next to me and that's the ear that's itching.
Last night I was going to blog, and had all this organized thought and now I can't really remember any of it. Therefore, this blog doesn't have any...uhm...whatever that word is...continuity...thread. Spine. Point.
Love you all.

"She showed up bright like a knife
Wearing tennis shorts made of stripes...
A glimpse of ankle and I
React like it's 1805."
--The Shins

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Beckah said...

You're cool. I'm glad you're my sister. And I will devote myself to learning that dance. Haven't watched it yet, but will soon. Yeah. We just tried to watch Corpse Bride but just ended up standing around the kitchen laughing about dreams and taking pictures of Jeff and Sam licking off the same spoon. At the same time. So you're not the only crazy one.