Monday, January 02, 2006

Pointy birds. Pointy-pointy. Anoint my head. Anointy-nointy.

Behold, the joy of electrocution! One of the greatest discoveries of this christmas season is the game "Lightning Reaction Extreme." It was introduced to us by Steven (whose electrocution is featured in the picture above), and I can't decide if it was actually a good thing or not. I've been electrocuted a few too many times in the last week to reason clearly. The game is hard to find, but it's REALLY fun. Check it out.

It can be played by 4 people. Each person holds a metal handle thing. You press a button in the middle and it flashes a green light and makes all this crazy noise, but when the light turns RED, you have to press the button on your handle. If you're not the first one to press your button, you get shocked. As in with electricity. There are a couple ways of can play so that only the last person to press the button gets shocked, or so that everyone but the first person to press the button gets shocked. There are also 2 settings of shock level: low or high. It's only fun if its high. Ye-ah.
So I really have a lot more to say, but I only feel like saying...not much more. Because I'm really hungry. And because this house is so freakin' cold that my fingers are too frigid to type for much longer. But I would just like to say that I have unofficially adopted a whole handful of teenagers recently.
When I come here to visit my family, its kinda weird 'cause I've never lived here and don't have any friends here. But I hang out with my sisters, 'cause they're awesome. And I hang out with their friends, 'cause they're also awesome. Which means that I hang out with high schoolers.
I only graduated high school myself about 3 years ago, so I'm barely a non-teenager myself. But sitting in church yesterday and watching all these kids that I've gotten to know, I was just blown away by how amazing they are. I was overwhelmed by this intense older-sister-ly feeling...I feel very protective of these 15- and 16-year-olds, but in a "go and do your own thing" kind of a way. I don't know, it's like-- I haven't even known them that long, but I really care about them. I love them and want them to do what's right. And it hurts me to know that they've got to go through pain and the weirdness of growing up. But at the same time, I know that they'll learn from it, and that it's a necessary part of life. I only want them to have as much pain as is necessary, and no more. I'm so excited to teach high school one day. Teenagers are underestimated far too often, and are capable of so much more than they're given credit for, if you ask me. So to all you La Grandian high schoolers, you all rock my world! Do what's right and don't be stupid, and if you are, learn from it, and you are all amazing.
After all that shmoltz, here's a lighter subject to close with. This blog entry is concluding with a photo identification contest: Who is this man?

Hint: A genius.


Baxamus said...

Hah, wrong. It flashes RED and when it turns GREEN you press the button. Geesh, Liz. Way to blow it :)

Liz-a-nator said...

What? That's what I said. No wait. I didn't say that. CRAP. I like your profile picture--it's cool. Although it's hard to beat the Steven Being Electrocuted Picture. You should use that one instead. But then again, that would sort of destroy anonymity. What the spelling? I can't type. My fingers are cold. And burnt. AT THE SAME TIME.

isha said...

hahahah..thats funny..and thanks liz..I love you too! and I don't say it I Love You Liz!!!!!

Willie Z said...

Lightning Reaction Extreme? Can such a thing be legal?

Do I want one? Yes.

And here we've been playing plain ol' Cranium (albeit the Turbo Edition). We are so behind the times.