Friday, January 06, 2006

It's like an Indie Lunchables! With a flower for dessert.

Hello friends! Check out the sweet band I discovered. Meet the Parson Redheads. I went to high school with Evan and Bretty (the two redheads), and Brette and I roomed together a summer ago. I shot an e-mail to Evan the other day, just cause I haven't talked to the lad in forever and was thinking of him. When he wrote me back he told me that he and Brette and some others were living in L.A. and loving it there. They're part of a sweet Indie group called "The Parson Redheads," and just landed a small record deal. How exciting is that?! And they're all really talented. I put a new link up to their website. Go check it out, yo. (PS: Does anyone else see a little Ryan Wood in Captain Sexy Lower-Left-Hand corner up there?)
I don't have much else to say, actually. I just wanted to share with you my awesome musical talented friends. They're pretty swell, so I thought I'd do a little advertising for 'em. Rock on, Medfordites.
Speaking of talented musicians, the answer to the photo identification post on the last blog is DANNY ELFMAN. This is an old picture from the 80's, a little before he started doing film scores, while he was rocking in a ska band called "Oingo Boingo." Good gravy, that man is talented.
Oh, I put some new pictures up on my Bebo. You can check that out, too, if you want.
In other news, I fell in love last night, with a talented, intriguing and very attractive young man who will be forever 24 years old. And who died in a car crash 51 years ago. It's a shame. You're tearing me apart here, Jimmy...

Not many people know he wore glasses most of his life. I think he looks twice as handsome in them. Nerdiness is the purest form of sexy.


Baxamus said...

Whats your stinkin' email address, Liz!?

Liz-a-nator said...

You already know it, Baxter! I didn't put it on here cause I don't want stalkers and stuff. But you I would welcome an e-mail from any day of the week.