Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Don't count all your eggs before they get laid

Announcements! I chopped off my hair! Mwa ha ha ha! It feels absolutely wonderful. And doesn't look too bad either, if I do say so myself. =) It looks a lot like Julia Roberts' hair in the movie "Hook"...sort of messy and pixie-ish. Technically, I wasn't really supposed to cut my hair. During "Our Town," Patty (costumes) forbade me to cut my hair and told me I must start growing it out so that she never has to put a wig on me again. But here's the thing: I haven't been onstage SINCE "Our Town" and that's almost a year ago. I've been growing my hair out for almost a year and I won't be onstage until at least summer. And it's so thick when it's long that it drives me CRAZY, and if I try to put it up, it takes forever, and gives me a headache by the middle of the day anyhow. So I figure, I'd rather the hassle of a wig for a 3-week run every now and then or something than the hassle of dealing with my own long hair every day of my life. Besides, I'm stressed and sort of blue, and when I get that way, I change my hair. It's cathartic.
Maybe I'll try and get a picture up here sometime soon.
We have new FHE brothers. Sad day. And if I said I liked our new ones, I'd be a little dishonest. I've only just met them, but even if I didn't have Sunrise 17 to compare them to, they just aren't the types of guys I'd be friends with. Not to mention the fact that I'm a little wary of boys at the moment. Problem is I can only take girls for so long. Thank goodness for gay're safe as far as I'm concerned, not to mention wonderful and I love you! (Well, I love you no matter what, actually. SSA has not much to do with it, except that it makes me trust you more than other guys who may intentionally or unintentionally rip my heart out.)
Uh, other announcements. I started out this blog with so many more in my head. Let's see...I'm getting my patriarchal blessing here in a couple weeks! I'm so excited. I'm 20 years old and just now getting it. Somehow I just never got around to it before. But I look forward to the guidance and blessing it will be for me.
I finally got a little income. With a late christmas gift from parents, I was able to go GROCERY SHOPPING at last and now my larder is blissfully full! I also made $50 judging a high school speech and debate tournament this last weekend. I'd never done that before, and at first it was a little intimidating because I had hardly a clue what I was doing. But I learned and was trained as I went along, and it was a TON of fun. I learned a lot too. And holy crap, do those kids know their stuff. It was a reaffirmation of my desire to teach high school. Although I felt like I should be much taller. Anyway, I hope to do it more in the future.
Although I also hope to have a permanent job in the future. Everyone pray for me please.
I love you all and think of you daily. You're in my prayers always. In the words of Rebekah, "shalom" and in the words of me, "rock on."


Beckah said...

You cut your hair? How fun! I'm thinking of cutting mine again too, and dying it darker again, but I think I should wait till after the musical so I can put it in pigtails or something. I was late today so I didn't do anything with it and it's down and driving me crzy! It's so thick and everywhere. Ugh, it's annoying. Call me or something?

Marianna said...

I was just looking at the black and white picture of you and Rebekah in our bedroom where you hair is short, thinking, gosh it looks so cute like that. Sounds like lots of fun! Rebekah and I will love to see it in late February (keep it short!!!).
love you lots! Mom XOXOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Liz- this is WAY random but you have to check this band out!
And the music video that you'll fall in love with (as I have) is "A Million Ways." watch and enjoy!! :)
the lexinator