Sunday, July 24, 2005

Well, which one am I, a pansy-chicken or a chicken-pansy?

Hello all! A little casual rule-breaking for the purposes of photographic um, -ness. In this picture. So you know what I'm talking about.
Anyway. Today's been an awesome day. I got to go to church this morning, and work went well, and the weather's currently exactly what it should be for a mid-summer evening. Sacrament meeting was especially great...there were some really good thoughts in the talks and stuff. Plus, I watched and listened from an unusual standpoint. Check this out. After the sacrament was passed I got my journal out to write a little and take notes and stuff, but I got really fidgety, as I almost invariably do in sacrament meeting. I really wanted to keep listening, but I didn't want to be distracting. We have church in the Snow drama theatre, which is really cool. So finally, I got up to find someplace where I didn't have to sit so still but where I could also be uplifted by sacrament meeting. In my exploring, I found that by some small miracle, the door to one of the tech booths was OPEN. Journal in hand, I prepared to listen. Unfortuntely I could barely hear. Then, in my glancing around the room, I noticed the thin rickety ladder to the catwalks. Luck had been with me thus far, and as I held my breath and looked up to see if the trap-door was unlocked, I was delighted to find that not only was it unlocked, it was OPEN! It's really hard to climb a ladder like that and crawl through a trap door while holding a journal AND wearing church clothes. But it was totally worth it! I watched and listened to sacrament meeting from the catwalks! Singing hymns from up there was the coolest...with everyone else's voices coming from below. I also felt kind of phantom-ish...I didn't want anyone to see me, and the bishopric and high council were sitting on the stage facing me directly, so I had to be sort of sneaky. I didn't want to get in trouble or be distracting. It was so awesome though! I think I want to do that more often.
Fortunately, although I had a better view, I failed to notice the speaker on the stand who apparently spent the entire meeting after his talk picking his nose. And eating his discoveries. That just blows my mind. This is an RM. A college student. Sitting on the stand and facing the entire ward. With a member of the high council sitting next to him. That is absolutely repulsive, if you ask me. And apparently it happens more often than I thought. It recently drew the attention of one BYU-I student, who went so far as to write in to the Scroll about it.
Today while unloading the truck, we spent the time answering riddles...which was fun, forced us to use our brains and our bodies at the same time, made work go faster, and gave me the opportunity to whisper in Zach's ear, which suits me fine, as Zach looks somewhat like Brad Pitt and James Dean combined, except shorter and Mormon and with really nice pecs. But I digress...


.......What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, pecs. I mean riddles.
Anyway, in closing, see if you can figure this one out:

"The man who made me doesn't need me,
The man who bought me doesn't want me,
and the man who used me didn't know he did.
What am I?"


J-E-N said...

That was the most disgusting yet brilliant letter to the editor I've ever read. Ha ha! It ties with the short people one and the bootman.

Anonymous said...


Willie Z said...

Just like the Phantom! That's awesome.

Just like that picture is awesome.

And, yes, that story was disgusting. Hilarious, but disgustingly so. Blech.