Friday, July 22, 2005

"Elder Bingham Takes a Tumble"

Here it is, straight from the mouth of that crrrazy missionary of ours, Elder Jason "Space-Station" Cramer, the diverting anecdote of Elder B! The following is an exerpt from his last letter. Annie collapsed in laughter when she read it, and the rest of us weren't very far from doing the same.

"My companion is named Elder B. Elder B. wears full body pajamas to bed...we are in Brazil, mind you...he is a pretty goofy kid from a farming town in Idaho, pop. 213 (approx.) I have come to find out that Elder B. is an extremely deep sleeper. The following story is one of many instances. One night I waited for Elder B. to fall asleep and then crawled under his bed. I took a sandal and hit him with it and then rolled back under his bed. He came out of dreamworld--sort of--and for some reason noticed that the shoes so neatly placed at the side of the bed had been moved. So he reached down and to his surprise he found a body--mine! "Who is down there?" he exclaimed. I rolled to the other side and he reached down that way too. After playing "tag" I slipped out from under his bed. Well, he put his hand/arm under the bed and could not feel anything. By this time I was already back in my own bed. Elder Bingham reached under his bed...his arm went further and further and further. Then Elder B. fell forth from from his bed to the ground and finally woke up a little more--but not all the way. Elder B. then put his head under his bed and soon half of his whole body--his legs were poking out and flopping around. Next thing I noticed--his legs stopped moving--Elder Bingham fell asleep again.
By the way, Elder Bingham remembers nothing."

Super guy, that Elder Cramer. =)


Beckah said...

Oh my frickin gosh! That is hilarious! Wow. I was so excited I sneezed.

Baxamus said...

Definetely got a point for that one.

Liz-a-nator said...

Jason gets a point for tricking his comp, or Beckah gets a point for getting so excited she sneezed? I rather think both deserve one. =)