Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"You're basically a horrible person, but deep down inside, there's a soft...somethin'..." -Jason Cramer

I don't have much to blog about today, but I would like to say 3 things:
#1) Whoever you are, wherever you are, I send many thanks and a heartful of tearful gratitude to "a friend."
#2) I love this picture. I finally figured out where I recognized the actor who played Zaphod from...he also plays "Guy" in "Galaxy Quest."
#3) What do you say to people when they hiccup? I always feel like I should say something equivalent to "bless you" but that's for sneezing and when I try to disregard that fact and say "bless you" anyway, it always comes off...awkward.


Anonymous said...

I was just watching Galaxy Quest and wondering the same thing (that "Zaphod" and "Guy" were the same actor ...); I think that YOU noticed this confirms it for me that it's TRUE!

Wouldn't it be great, to play someone named "Zaphod"?!

Love you! Momzaphod
(What? Mom's a phod? That's so hot!)

J-E-N said...

Maybe when people sneeze, instead of saying "bless you" we say "mess you". Or "rest you". Or "chess you". Or how about good ol' "Gazundheit!" Except make up another silly word that sounds German? I give up. I wish I was a phod.

Beckah said...

Me too. You must read all the books Liz, if you haven't already. They are delightful. I guess you could say...."I spleen you!" just so that they know you care......