Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Und she hopinzee skipenzee tru de voodsen!

Today was a bad day at work, so I decided to combine my current pessimism about jobs with a little humor to cheer me up. The result is this picture for today's blog. I found this poster on a rather-funny-in-a-morbid-dry-sort-of-way website. I invite you to check it out.
So, last night was another excursion up to the Playmill to see "The Foreigner," which was absolutely fabulous. It's a great script, although its a little slow at first, but its a show I would love to direct for a high school one day. There's a lot of room for whackiness in it. JD and Christian played bad guys, and Christian was pretty frightening, but JD made me want to CRY, he was so creepy! He played a bad guy disguised as a preacher, and he has this great part toward the end when he gets REALLY angry and yells and throws chairs and girls around. Just goes to prove what a fabulous actor he is. (JD Taylor, you can deny it all you want, and say "I really don't know what I'm doing" or "I'm just messing around" all you want, but YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB IN THAT SHOW. Too bad you don't know this blog exists and probably won't read the loving chastisement I just directed to you.) For the pre-show, the 'Mill kids performed a 40's style radio show, which was AWESOME! It featured Andrews sisters style singing ads, a tap number (as in Cameron using the shoes on a countertop and making them tap with his hands), a Barbershop quartet which made me drool, and much more, all written and put together by Ben Parkes. If any of you ever get the chance, totally go up to the Playmill. Preferably this summer, because all my friends are working up there right now, but its guarenteed to be great no matter what.
Ben told us this great story when we were up there on Saturday night. We saw "The Secret Garden," which was good. A little rough, but it was only the 4th time they performed it after only 2 weeks of rehearsal. Anyway, the kid who plays Colin is a 12-year-old boy named Peter Christman. Ben's in the chorus for "Secret Garden," and on opening night of that show, he passed through the dressing room shortly before curtain. Peter was "primping" in the mirror (which is funny in and of itself), so Ben said "Hey good luck tonight." Peter smiled and replied in a somewhat snobby tone of voice "Yeah, good luck to you your tiny part." Ben was so shocked and amused that he just stood there. Peter then turned away from the mirror to face everyone in the room and said "How do I look?" HA! What a whacky kid! (For those of you somewhat familiar with BYU-I, notice his last name...yeah, that would be Jason "Converses" Christman's little brother. Or I should now say "Elder Christman." Apparently whackiness runs in the family.)
On a closing note, points to whoever figured out what the title of this entry is (in normal English) on the first try. Or maybe its easier than I think it is. real closing, I have only this to say:

"You can dance if you want to! You can leave your pants behind!"
(The above is sung in a British accent..."You can dance! You can dance! Everybody take off your pants!")

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Beckah said...

Wow, sounds like a ton of fun. I wish I could come see it and see all the cool people that I only got the meet for like, two days. Anyway, I miss you lots, and e-mail me or somethin' cause I miss you babe!