Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Time is an illusion. Lunch-time doubly so." --Ford Prefect, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

At last, the bloginator lives again! I have found a temporary, but reliable source of internet-ness, and so I come to bring you news and diverting anecdotes!
Item of news: I am no longer going crazy. (See last blog). I did however, in the process of becoming un-crazy, have a life-changing realization. It was like lightning at the time, but once I tried to explain it out loud, in words, it occured to me that it was something that I should have had figured out long ago. My revelation came word-for-word as this thought: "You can get to know him before you make that decision of whether or not you should marry him." Just ponder on that. It blew my mind when I realized the eternal significance of that statement.
Another bit, I have recently become a part of the cult following of that great work of literary genius "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." (Hence the quote.) Genius. Pure genius. A little existentialist maybe, but it goes against the nature of existentialism to disregard it because its existentialist.
(Now that I read that sentence over again, it sounds lovely, but I'm not sure if I successfully communicated what I was thinking. I'm not even sure if it was that intelligent of a thought to begin with. Ah, well.)
So, I recently discovered that there is a word in my lexicon that I overuse. The problem is that I have very little control over when and how often I use this word. The word is "ouch." Being so interested in dance, I liked to think that I was a fairly coordinated person. However, working a job with plenty of physical movement has forced me to reexamine my clumsiness level. As I am sitting here, nursing a bruised Achilles tendon (which is actually healing quite well), an infected 3-inch wide, 2-degree burn on that same leg, which burn I got from the muffler of a motorcycle, and a recently minorly sprained ankle on the other foot, I'm beginning to question to wisdom of working in the warehouse at Walmart. Where I throw freight all day. The awful part is that I was just starting to develop some decent arms--do you hear that, ACTUAL ARM MUSCLES--and it'd be a pity to stop that process now. Not to mention the fact that in spite of it being a JOB, I actually kind of enjoy work. The problem now do you limp with BOTH feet? Is that actually possible? I'll just be walking with a slight C3PO attitude, which although inconvenient, is pretty cool.
Last item of business, books! Now wait, I lied, there's one more thing I want to mention before I end this blog. But first I'll mention books.
I am absolutely adoring the freedom of summer reading! However, the reading lists at the library only tell you so much, so I'm sort of trying to start a personal reading list of my own, comprised of books that as a lover of books, you simply HAVE to read, and of books that others have recommended to me. So, I humbly make a request of all the readers of this blog. What book recommendations do YOU have? Here, I'll make a few to all of you, so I can return the favor hopefully. Or so that you all owe me one, depending on how you look at it. Anyway...

"Little Little" by M.E. Kerr
About dwarfs and what it's like to live in a world where everything's set up for other, TALLER people. Also about romance, and families, and prejudice, and getting thru hard times.

"Go and Come Back" by Joan Abelove
A story about 2 white women who live for a time in a Peruvian village, and about the lives of the Peruvian indians and how each groups beliefs affect and change the lives of the other.

"The Whistling Toilets" by Randy Powell
A great coming-of-age, falling-in-love-with-the-girl-next-door kind of story, involving tennis, theft, summer camps, and this really weird girl in a red sporty car who knows Clint Eastwood.

"No More Dead Dogs" by Gordon Korman
The story of an 8th-grade jock turning drama geek! Power to ya, Wallace Wallace. About a boy who never tells a lie, a girl who writes letter to Julia Roberts, a long-haired blonde and very jealous football star, and also a girl with a little more lipgloss than intelligence.

"Briar Rose" by Jane Yolen
A brilliant and fascinating story of a girl who's on a journey to uncover her past, which past intricately entertwines the Holocause with the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty."

There are a bunch of others...classics like "Ella Enchanted," "Dealing with Dragons," "Ender's Game," and the "Princess Bride," but since those are a little more commonly known, I'll limit my list to the above...listed.
Now it's your turn! On the comments board, please tell me the titles of any books you loved or that you think I'd like, along with a word or two about the plot or something. Thank you all, and if you happen to read any of the books I listed, I hope you enjoy them!
Very last item of business, and I'll keep this brief. I want to be a better person. I've become really cynical over the last year or so, but part of that cynicism come is the form of being judgemental. I want to be better than that. I want to be more forgiving and loving and accepting. I want people to feel comfortable around me, and to feel like I love and appreciate them for who they are. SO, with that in mind, I want to let all of you know that I love you! You're all such good influences in my life, and it's YOUR love and friendship that inspire me to be better. Thank you for being wonderful!


Beckah said...

I've joined the cult too! I went to buy the first one, and ended up buying a book that includes all five stories in the series of the Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Huzzah!

J-E-N said...

Good for you. That one costs a lot. Good for you.
Liz, if you have that list you made fall semester of the books we recommend then look at it. I love Lloyd Alexander's books (check out the Book of Three series), AH there is a canary on my wall!! Oh, also Orson Scott Card (which you mentioned), I like the Secret Garden, Series of Unfortunate events (you know this already), the Farseer Trilogy, My Teacher is and Alien (ha ha! the good ol' days), and I have a sudden mind blank of the novels of my youth. These are all fantasy-fictiony. Oh well! Much love!

Beckah said...

Actually, my dear Canadian friend, I got this wonderful book (that also includes an extra story) for only fifteen dollars. So ha. And go Spamalot!

J-E-N said...

C3PO is, droid! Dang, that sentence did NOT come out the way I wanted it to.

Beckah said...

LoL. You are wonderful. Both of you. So no, thank YOU for being wonderful.

Derek said...

All those books sound good. I might read some considering I might have some free time during the summer. but I might not actually, I have lots of things to do. If I cant see you, you cant see my eyeballs. Remember that quote? I made it into a t-shirt. Check out the pics on this page -

My other website besides "The Cool Mormon -

OK, later..

Little Whee said...

I would like to make the comment that I saw that wonderful movie this past friday and LOVED IT! Everyone else thought it was weird, but I believe they can just suck my big toe, so sphz! (that's my raspberry noise, in case you're wondering)

Anonymous said...

do YOU have my book?!?!?!? I've been looking for briar rose for ages, and I can't find it. Did I lend it to you?!?!?
I'm not mad if you have it, just let me know, because if you don't then I don't know where it is and that makes me very sad.