Friday, June 17, 2005

Ten points for style, but minus several million for good're too gorgeous, baby, you're drivin' me crazy.

Hello all! Tis the weekend! And although I work both tomorrow AND sunday, there's something about a Friday night...I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, it makes Friday night the best time of the week.
Tonight, we're having a girls-only slumber party at Mom's (a.k.a. Cindy), to have fun and eat unhealthily and be girls and cheer Cindy up. The whole concept is a little weird, because "Mom's" house is also Brant's house, so I don't know where he's gonna be, but he's not the reason we're having this shin-dig. Cindy's been stressed out a lot lately; she's worried about her boys, not to mention all of us the rest of her kids. And she's also pretty weird. Apparently the best thing to cheer her up is having a handful of theatre kids invade her house.
I would like to dedicate this blog to "Mom." Cindy, Brant's mother, has somehow become a mother to all of us. She's a cool lady. She gets stressed out sometimes, because she doesn't know when she should be Mom and when she shouldn't, but no matter how much she worries, she always manages to find the right balance.
She knows when to hug us (which is all the time), when to laugh with us, when to let us cry, when to smack us upside the head, when to be angry with us, when to let us be angry and then help us see the voice of reason.
Although we're all in our 20's (well, me almost), its really good to have someone close by to be a Mom when we need it. She trusts us to make our own decisions, but lovingly lets us know when we're being stupid.
Here's the best part: she elected to be Mom of her own accord. I'd hate to think we're burdening this poor amazing woman with a billion theatre kids as adopted children. There's just something so caring and forgiving and accepting in her nature that she just becomes mother.
I don't think that woman knows how amazing she is, and how much we all love her. I hope and pray that someday we can show her how much she means to us, and what a guiding, loving influence she is in our lives. I love you, Cindy!

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Beckah said...

Yay for cool people! I'm glad you have someone like that to help you there. I love you, I miss you, you rock, and so does my CD!