Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized." -Fred Allen

There is an increasingly startling attitude to be found in the people surrounding me in regards to the concept of fame.
The other day, I was discussing movie directors with a co-worker of mine. He asked me which director I would work with if I had a choice. (He's one of those people who claims to be a thespian, and yet never auditions for anything or even attends any shows, so I think my reaction to what he said next has a lot to do with the fact that I don't like him much anyway.) When he asked me, I replied "Tim Burton." He smiled and nodded and said "Oh, yeah, Tim? Everyone says he's REALLY great to work with."
Now, I don't doubt that many people HAVE enjoyed working with Tim Burton. But in my head, I was thinking "What the heck do you think you're talking about? You are not on a first-name basis with TIM BURTON. You have never worked with him. You have never known anyone who HAS worked with him. I doubt you even know anyone who knows someone who's worked with him. So why are you talking idiotically about the whole stupid business?"
Don't misunderstand my tone. I don't claim to know anyone who knows anyone who's worked with Tim Burton. I've hung out with Jon Peter Lewis of American Idol "fame." I didn't know who he was the first few times. I've spent evenings hanging out with Ryan Wood, "well-known" for his stellar performance in "The Work and the Glory". ("I like pie...") But if I were to walk into a crowded party and casually say "Oh, we were at Ryan Wood's house the other day and..." I doubt anyone would even raise an eyebrow. Furthermore, I don't know that either of those above-mentioned persons know MY first name.
What an idiotic co-worker of mine.
What is cool is to hear stories about celebrities that ARE real, and interesting. I knew someone who dated jim Carey in college, before he was, you know, "Jim Carey." She said he hasn't changed a bit, and this was years ago. THOSE are fun stories.
SO, now is the time to share yours! The comments board for this blog is now to become a forum for telling of brushes with fame!


Derek said...

I like your title.. It's true..

J-E-N said...

The Queen and Prince Phillip drove by me about a month ago. Also the Prime Minister tripped over me when I was 3. But they aren't all that great. Anthony Hopkins signed my sister's math book though, and she also met John Cusak when he was getting coffee at her work here in Calgary. I was so jealous.

Derek said...

That's.. Awesome..

Beckah said...

Uh.........(you would know more than I do....have I met anyone famous?)