Sunday, June 12, 2005

RRRRrrrexburg, Id-a-ho, eighteen-seventy-eight-HUA!

It occured to me today at work (yes, I know it's Sunday, and I don't like it, but I didn't have a choice), that Wal*mart has its own language. Being a member of the ICS team, like I am, means that you get to use the lingo ALL the time. For example, a typical morning's instructions might sound like this:

"You're in chemicals. Find a Telxon and pick-list the bin and throw anything that will go. Riser what you can, but any overstock put on a pallet and we'll put it on the steel. Make sure to fill the end-cap and four-way with the features, but only after the home is full, and don't you dare stuff the mod, we've got some new ones coming in, so that 8-foot is going to be re-done. We have a 14-peice today, so we've got to clear out in time to drop pallets and pull the chain out before lunch. Do chemicals until 15 and then set up. If you have time left over, work the riser and do some facing. You're going to be either throwing the truck or running the chain today, so you know."

For the first couple of days you feel like an idiot because everyone's talking like that and none of it means a thing to you. It's like if they say that, as a new employee all you hear is:

"You're...blah blah blah blah....lunch....blah blah blah"

For some reason, not many members of ICS are very good at explaining things. You can only learn by saying "Wait, stop, do what?" and then blunder along until you make a mistake you can learn from. But then again, I suppose that statement is true about life in general.

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True about the life thing. Didn't really understand that at