Thursday, June 09, 2005

ARE YOU NERDS??????!!!!!!!!!

Answers to the great test of geekiness!

#1) Stephen Hawking

#2) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

#3) Link

#4) Data (the episode when he gets an emotion chip...definitely one of the best)

#5) Anglo-Saxon, also known as Old English

#6) Bean

#7) Patricia C. Wrede

#8) Jane Yolen and Robin McKinley

#9) "Pascal's Great Wager" is the idea that human beings don't have any sure way of knowing absolute truth. Pascal says that no matter how strong your beliefs or what your experiences, you are still taking a chance that you might be wrong about you religion.

#10) The Dungeonmaster

Beckah, I AM SO HAPPY YOU HEARD THAT GUY'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH AT THE TONY'S! Did you also get a chance to see the scene from "The Spelling Bee"? Genius. Pure genius. Let's go to New York.
Jen, I love you. You are nerdy too, if in a different feild.
Willie, I WANT TO COME VISIT SO BAD! I'm trying to find a way!

I love you all, and now I'm going to go...marry someone.


J-E-N said...

I love the emotion chip episode!! And the one when they all sort of turn into animals. I think Councellor Troy was an amphibian and had to stay in the bath tub or something. I haven't seen it in ages!!
Love you too! Hope your wedding is nice!

Beckah said...

Oh, my goodness Liz, I saw the entire thing! It was so awesome! And huzzah for nerdy people!

Little Whee said...

I prefer geeks myself, but nerds rock too!!! Espeically choir nerds. I hope you realize you'll remember where this quote is from "It’s like there was a race out of my tooshie and everyone won"
p.s. I wasn't invited to your wedding? *gasp* I feel insulted!

Derek said...

my new blog address