Monday, January 10, 2005

Don't be so glum, friend!

Greetings, all! After a lengthy absence, I have returned to bloginate once more! So very much is on my mind, however, that I kind of doubt that there will be anything of real substance in this entry. I've been a little overwhelmed this week.
I think the word "overwhelmed" has too many negative connotations. When I say I'm overwhelmed, it doesn't necessarily mean bad stuff is overwhelming me. It's just that oh so very much has been going on that I'm not sure what to make of everything. So by the word "overwhelmed" I mean that I am experiencing ecstacy, despair, confusion, outrage, happiness, pensiveness (is that a word?), meloncholy, name the emotion, I've got it tumbling around in me somewhere. It's a little bit exhausting.
I'm a-thinkin that all this emotion is making my contacts a little dry. Please excuse me while I remove them. I think this is the end of my blog.

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