Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The next Sister Heyborne?

This is the great question...who should marry up-and-coming LDS star, Kirby heyborne? Liz or Rebekah?
Let's review the facts:
1. Kirby is mid-20's age. I am 19. Beckah is 16.
2. I am single. Beckah is not.
3. I live closer to Utah.
4. Beckah offered to let me settle for having an affair with him, but that's immoral.
5. I claimed him first.
6. I have my Young Women's medallion.
7. We could have children named Kirbisabeth, which is way fun to say.
Okey, dokey. It seems that the indicators obviously point toward Liz being the best candidate as Sister Heyborne. But Beckah insists. So what do you think? Now is your chance to have great influence. Make a comment on this post to respond to this little survey cajodie.


Jen the Pen said...

Well, indicators do seem to point to Liz, however, we never got to hear Beckah's arguments. Mwahaha.

Anonymous said...

Already married; see ... from a spoil sport. :-(

Anonymous said...

Gosh Liz! So much for being the queen bee stalker. For being his number one fan, you'd think you would have known he's already married- and, unfortunately, not by you or beckah. You knew where he served his mission, but overlooked the marital status. I laugh in your general direction. Have no fear though; I hear Prince Charles is available!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd protect my dignity (in anonymity) by correcting myself. He's married, and unfortunately not TO you or beckah. Ahhh, much more lucid...