Friday, November 26, 2004

The older I get...

I would just like to say, for the record, that it is the weirdest thing in the world to go "home" for Thanksgiving and NOT KNOW WHERE ANYTHING IS. My family moved to a totally different place at the same time that I moved out to college. So this vacation has been a little odd. You never realize how complicated everyday things can be when you don't know your way around this house that your family now lives in. Things like where the bathroom is. Do you know how awkward it is to ask your own family where the bathroom is? And then there's the cooking's a little complicated when you don't know where any of the food or silverware or anything is.
And I don't have a bed. Or a bedroom.
Life gets more and more bizarre the older I get. I'm just saying.


Jen the Pen said...

Haha, awe, that would be weird.
Agh, come home my lovelies, come home! There's an empty room (and an empty couch for Jason) awaiting you!

Tideida said...

Its very funny your comment about thanksgiving. Here, in Argentina, we dont have holidays like that. Its extrange for us. But each country has their holidays.

Greetings from Buenos Aires

Anonymous said...

HI LIZ!!!!!!!
I'm happy WIlly posted this on his web-site!
I haven't heard from you in ...Forever..well not really but sorta....
Good to hear that you're doing awsome!!!!
talk to you later


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lizzy darling..did your family ask you to 'make yourself at home'. For some reason that thought just popped into my mind while reading your blog. I've always wondered if people say that for there own comfort because they don't want to get out of being a host or if they really mean for you to make yourself at home. If I did really do that, they probably wouldn't want me to stay because random items of food would go missing and the phone would be well used on long distance charges because if it were my home I wouldn't care that I was racking up the bills on the phone because since I am a 'poor college student' my parents would let me. So i was wondering, what if i really did make myself at home next time someone tells me that?

Willie Z said...

Yikes, that must be kinda strange. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving anyway, Lizeroo.

Well, when you come back to visit us, you'll know where all OUR bathrooms are. Small comfort? :)