Monday, November 29, 2004

An eclectic entry

Hello everyone! I am now safely and contentedly back in Rexburg. By the way, as soon as I was home (meaning La Grande), I didn't miss the dorms at all. I missed BYU-Idaho life and friends here, but not the dorms. My visit to see the family was fantastic, and it was re-enforced to me how cool they are. And what a good cook my step-mom is. The new house is was really weird. My family is totally loaded all of a sudden. The town of La Grande is a cozy lil place, and rather small. Somehow, it looks nothing like how I remember it from when my Mom and I drove through and explored it in August. There's not a whole lot to do around there, but since Rexburg is the same way, it wasn't a problem and we easily found ways to amuse ourselves. Our amusements and entertainments consisted of the following relaxing and satisfyingly un-productive things:

Going on a picnic
Visiting a lake
Exploring a graveyard
Walking the dog
Having a rock-throwing contest
Doing the dishes
Watching movies
Driving to Union and back
Visiting a kid named "Reggae" at work (Subway)
Listening to music
Playing air-hockey
Climbing stairs
Being cold
Eating leftover Thanksgiving

I lied. Doing dishes is definitely productive. But that was the trip. My roomate Alexis came along and that was fun, also. She fit right in with the Whittakers.
As I am sitting here blogging away, I'm listening to a lovely little rock band called "The Strokes." Because they are right up there with chocolate and theatre on my list of things I love, I would like to devote a paragraph or two to pay tribute to the "fab"-ulous band. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the group, let me introduce you. They are definitely the drug-addict, raucous rebel rock music type, but there's an inexplicable appeal in that to me somehow. Julian is the typical, messy-haired lead singer singing the story of teenage angst. He's got a voice that can croon the verses and grind the choruses. He's also probably high (as in drugs, not music) all the time, but what rock star isn't. Nikolai is the bass-player and is very talented and doesn't interest me that much. Nick is the same way...a talented guitarist, and really quirky, but not very interesting. My adoration is mostly directed to Albert, the sexy, curly-haired guitarist who's the most talented of all of them. His rock solos rival any other rock legends and he always wears really cool clothes, and plays his guitar with a funky, non-cholant, rocking out kind of air. And let's not forget good ole Fab, the drummer who's like a human metronome. Also curly-haired attractive and plays with a passion like no other. I invite you to visit their site, and listen to their music and watch their videos ("Reptilia" and "Last Night" are the best). Some of you may be a little bit shocked to hear the raucous rock music that I adore, but what can I say. I could be a rebel in worse ways.
Um, I can't remember the other thing I was gonna blog about. So, I'll just say ta-ta. (Oh, by the way, I've decided to give up a productive career and just do theatre and play music for the rest of my life. I'm restless. I've got post-production blues. I just so busy after the 2 productions I was in that it just caught up with me right now.)

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