Thursday, June 04, 2015

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings." - Lao Tzu

End of the year card from kindergarten. Oh my heart. 
School has only been out for 8 hours and I'm already unsure what to do with myself.

I spent the school day alternating between dancing and eating, so as to keep waves of sentiment from crashing over me. I've been counting down the days until summer vacation, and suddenly this morning, it occurred to me that I won't see these kids for MONTHS. They're all going to be HUGE in the fall. And some of them are graduating and going on to high school and I'm so proud of them but they won't be around to make me laugh and think and grow. WAAAAHHHHH!

Steve (the school's principal) was a wreck by 8:15 this morning, and I spent the entirety of 8th grade graduation pretending that I was a smiling robot, instead of on the verge of waterworks myself.

I think I'm too busy processing this ending to do much of anything else.

I mean, I've got all sorts of PLANS for the summer. Art Assignments, finishing the last edit of my YA novel, deep cleaning our apartment, going through our books (again), doing a bunch of organizing and prepping for next school year, rehearsing "Oklahoma!", visiting Rexburg, re-starting an exercise routine, finishing Personal Progress, etcetera etcetera etcetera. But I just can't bring myself to begin any of these projects at 8 pm on a Thursday evening after the last day of school.

Hell, I can't even bring myself to put away the groceries. I did buy them, though. So that's something.

Anyway, now that I'm alone with my nostalgia, I've discovered that I can't keep it at bay. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch a movie and paint my toenails, because what else can you do on a day like this?

See ya in the fall, Alianza gang.

Alianza Staff on the last day of school, June 2014

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