Monday, March 31, 2014


So I'm usually a little late in getting on social media bandwagons, but once I'm there, I'm there. For instance, I have an instagram account. I've never really done a "Man Crush Monday," mostly because it would just always be Jacob. But today, I realized that if you expand the meaning of "crush" to mean "platonic but heartfelt admiration," there are a handful of men who deserve the hashtag #mancrushmonday.

But yeah, like I'm gonna wait and post each of these, once per week. Ain't nobody got time for that. So here they all are at once. My dream is to have all of these men over for dinner with Jacob and I.

George Harrison

I love this man. He was a kick-A guitarist, and part of one of the most important bands of all time. He was funny and passionate and looked great in blue jeans. But the thing I really love about George was his quiet center. He went through the same ups and downs the other lads from Liverpool did, but he seemed to have this peaceful soul underneath it all. I think that's why the spirituality of India spoke to him so much. And we all know how much I love India, so we've got that in common. If you haven't watched the recording of "Concert For George," I highly recommend it. For weeks after watching it, I missed George like you miss an old friend who's moved away.

Dave Grohl

The man's got several claims to fame--he was the drummer for Nirvana, and he's the lead singer and guitarist for the Foo Fighters. Part of my affection for him is because he kind of looks like my stepdad, which is awesome. His attitude towards music is pretty's about not using technology as a crutch and keeping it about humanity. If you've got an hour and don't mind a few swears, watch his keynote speech from South by Southwest 2013. Great insights for musicians, music enthusiasts, and/or art appreciators in general. If you don't have the time for that right now, take just five minutes and watch the music video for "Walk." It's hilarious and awesome. Like Dave Grohl. 

Tom Waits

For most music lovers, pinning down ONE favorite artist is almost impossible. But I think Tom might be my favorite. Because he's so...DYNAMIC. His work seems to be an "acquired taste," because a lot of his stuff is so abrasive and rough around the edges and crazy. He can do stuff like "Filipino Box Spring Hog" and then turn around and do something like "Take It With Me." Oh, and then he'll have some spoken word stuff like "What's He Building In There?" or "Frank's Wild Years." And his LYRICS, man. "He's not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at" and "Now he's doing the obituary mambo"? LOVE IT. But here's what else I love. All of his work is done in collaboration with his wife Kathleen Brennan, a record producer whom he met and married in 1980. He's this family man who's been rough, drinking man in the past, who's since gotten on the wagon and spent his days making incredible with his wife of 30+ years. Feel free to check out this NPR interview to hear more about that. 

Hugh Laurie

Some things get better with age. Like Hugh Laurie. Like most of America, I discovered Hugh Laurie because of his phenomenal work on the television show "House." But he also wrote and starred in amazing sketch comedy stuff with Stephen Fry, which he started doing while he was at Oxford. Where he attended on a rowing scholarship. And did you know that he wrote a NOVEL? And know what he's doing right now? He's touring the world with his blues group, "The Copper Bottom Band." (Friends in LA, Portland, Medford, and the SF Bay Area, HE'S COMING TO YOUR TOWN IN MAY.) Because he's classy and plays music. He was also a member of "The Band from TV," which was just a bunch of famous people who liked to jam and gave all the money to charity. And he rides motorcycles. Honestly. 

Daniel Radcliffe

Not to be totally creepy, but I think Daniel Radcliffe and I would be good friends if we ever met in real life. His life so far has been fairly extraordinary, but it seems like he's really found his footing as a young man. I like the diversity of projects he's done. He got RAVE reviews for "Equus," which was awesome since doing that play takes a lot of courage, and not just because of the nudity. And then remember when he sang and danced in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"? He's a dynamic and talented performer. But I also love that he's also just this friendly, slightly introverted, articulate guy, with a great vocabulary and a love of the History Channel. (If you can find it somewhere, watch his interview on "Inside the Actor's Studio." There's also a great interview with Katie Couric.)

Ray Bradbury

I never really paid attention to Ray Bradbury until some boy I had a crush on my sophomore year of college recommended "The Illustrated Man" to me. I started reading the collection because of that crush, but I finished reading because I was transported and awed by Ray Bradbury's words. I wrote recently about how much he inspires me in a guest post on a friend's blog, but I didn't even mention half of the stuff that made me adore him. His LA home was painted yellow, in honor of his favorite of his books, "Dandelion Wine." He requested toys for his birthday every year until the day he died (which was a day that I genuinely shed tears). All the way into his 80s, he continued to write, everything from short stories to theatrical productions which were put on by his own company in Pasadena, "The Ray Bradbury Pandemonium Theatre Company." And he stayed so humble through it all. (This article is a beautiful glimpse into his humility and imagination and whimsy.)

Patrick Stewart

Look at this man. Look at this adorable, talented man. He's been KNIGHTED FOR HIS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THEATRE AND FILM. And he's wearing a lobster costume in a bathtub. I love Patrick Stewart for so many reasons--he's done so many amazing roles. He's got this groundwork of Shakespeare, and spent years in the captain's chair on the Enterprise, and he just finished a run of "Waiting for Godot" and "No Man's Land" on Broadway with Ian McKellen. (My chest gets tight and my eyes well up when I think about the fact that I will never get to see this. And have you seen the #gogodididonyc series on Sir Patrick's Twitter? Be still my heart. Also, if you only join Twitter for one reason, it should be to follow Patrick Stewart.) And then there's this. He grew up with an abusive father, and has now become one of the biggest advocates of ending domestic violence. He campaigns and speaks and inspires. In his words, "People won't listen to you or take you seriously unless you're an old white man, and since I'm an old white man, I'm going to use that to help the people who need it." I love that. My good friend Annie once said, "I have complete faith in Captain Picard. If I were in a crisis, and Patrick Stewart walked in, I would feel better." I would too, Annie. 

And of course, this guy: 

But that goes without saying, really. 


Carrie Lynn said...

I have a physical attraction toward Hugh Laurie. And Zac Efron...

Anonymous said...

I can't be bothered to sign in so am gonna stay anon, but this is Annieface. Excellent, excellent mancrush picks.

I only recently discovered Dave Grohl and love that guy like whoa. He's just so... lovable. :)

Kathleen and I once had a conversation about Patrick Stewart in which she was characteristically adorable. She was all, "Remember how when we were kids we thought Captain Picard was, like, 80? Because bald + authority = 80? Now when I watch TNG it's like... oh. He's not... 80... at ALL!" Check out "I Claudius" because A it is awesome and B Patrick has a small role in it and you can see how pretty he was as a young man. There is a questionable wig, however.

We all know how I feel about Hugh Laurie. (He went to Cambridge, not Oxford, btw.)

Also, your husband is a hottie and looks awesome in hats.

Annie said...

PS remember how Stephen Fry once talked about getting into Cambridge and started to cry because A it saved him from his teenage life of malfeasance and B "Everything depended on it -- I wouldn't have met Hugh." Dawwwwwwww. :3

Jaggers Brain said...

I love this post and all the comments! I have far too many mancrushes....

juhi roy said...

Nyc blog!! Really well written my personal favourite's r dave grohl and daniel redicliffe

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