Friday, January 31, 2014

How to.

Step One:
Do this.
$165.06 as of November 30
$265.06 as of December 13
$255.06 as of December 20
$305.06 as of December 21
$380.06 as of December 26
$680.06 as of January 3
$840.06 as of January 8
$1000.00 as of January 10

Step Two: 
Have generous family members who are willing to match what you save.

Step Three: 
Get a small loan for the rest.

Step Four: 
Withdraw all the money from the bank and give it to the people giving you a loan, and feel like you're doing something illegal by holding all that cash.

Step Five: 
Drive to Idaho Falls.

Step Six: 
Come home with this.

Meet our new car! 
A 2002 Toyota Sienna we have named "Billfold," or "Billie" for short. 
She's got good gas mileage AND a VCR.


Paul said...

I know what you mean about the cash! That looks like a family sort-of vehicle!

Anonymous said...

It's a vehicle, Paul. Just a vehicle.

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