Monday, December 02, 2013

Current favorite thing

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan have been friends for over forty years, and it's the most life-affirming, adorable friendship ever. They originally met in the Royal Shakespeare Company back in the 1970s, but their friendship has truly been cemented in their golden years. I see pictures of them and pretend that they're both my grandpa.

Right now, they're both in New York, reprising their roles as Gogo and Didi in "Waiting for Godot."* See?

But they're BFF's offstage too. For example, they spent Thanksgiving together:

And they recently posted a whole series of pictures of themselves on Twitter**, using the hashtag #gogodididonyc.*** See, look:

Both of these men are admirable on their own (especially Patrick Stewart--how I adore Patrick Stewart), but together? Unstoppable.

* If I have any really rich friends/family/readers wondering what to get me for Christmas, a trip to NYC to see these two would be perfect. 
** I recently started a Twitter account. Mostly so I can follow famous people that I admire. If you're interested in following me, I'm @lizannetweets
*** And if you want to know true happiness, follow Patrick Stewart on Twitter. It's delightful. 


Joshua said...

What a great twitter handle Sir Pat has too!

Kjerstin said...

^ Agreed. This is the most adorable thing ever. I love these beautiful humans and I love their friendship.