Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Playmill week 4

So it occurred to me, dear readers, that these posts might not really be interesting to anyone but those at the Playmill. Someone pointed out recently that these posts are essentially just a list of inside jokes. For which I apologize. I want to be inclusive in my blogging.

HOWEVER, my fellow Playmill folks have enjoyed these posts, and I enjoy writing them and having a record, so I was kinda stumped for awhile about whether or not to continue with them.

So here's my conclusion: I will continue these posts, but...I guess, just don't feel obligated to read them if you're not interested? I know that sounds kind of obvious, but sometimes there's this strange sense of obligation in the blog-world...like, "I HAVE to read and comment on this person's blog or they'll think I don't like them." So I'll just clear things up for you and tell you that my feelings won't be hurt if you don't read/comment on these Playmill posts. Or really anything, for that matter. I'll continue to do other blogs as well about other things that might be interesting. (But no guarantees...I don't wanna put that kind of pressure on myself.)

So with that caveat, here are the Highlights of Week Four!

The first rehearsal with Beauty and the Beast costumes. Nobody knew how to move, and there was one memorable moment when we noticed Justin, who plays Cogsworth, with an expression of grim helplessness on his face. His sweatpants had fallen down around his ankles, and because of the nature of his costume, he couldn't do anything about it.

Staying after rehearsal most nights to help with flats. We've got a lot of them to cover before we open next week, so we've developed a system (kind of). The system seems to involve singing and dancing, as well as using glue and staple guns. And there was also a short dance party afterwards most of the time.

Jacob S doing the bottle-dance in "Fiddler"! It's gonna be so awesome. There will actually be a total of three guys bottle-dancing, but Jacob's been practicing with the greatest determination, and he's getting pretty darn good.

Re-arranging our rehearsal schedule so that we could go see "Iron Man 3" at the movie theatre in town. They only show 1 movie at a time, once per day. I enjoyed the movie more than I though I would.

Sunday afternoon at Luke's cabin! Our sound guy, Luke, invited us all over for a BBQ, so we all headed over to eat, talk, cuddle, play, and nap. Luke gave an awesome devotional about music's power to change lives, and the Merrills told us some of the stories about the Playmill changing lives. Afterwards, we headed down to a river where we fed fish some leftover hamburger buns, then we went to a place where we caught (or attempted to catch) fish with our bare hands. Also, Hannah fell on her butt while trying to jump onto a dock.

Mason tearing a hole in the crotch of his pants, and Heidi fixing it. She accidentally left the needle in, which he discovered an hour or so later. While we were out "fishing" (with our bare hands; see above), Mason walked past Stacey and Jacob S and me with his pants COMPLETELY undone, yelling, "Heidi! She left the freaking needle in the crotch! And it's been poking me in the junk! HEIDI!"

Me mishearing what Jacob said he had to go to the store to buy. He sort of mumbled "condiments," but I definitely heard "condoms." Tanner was present for the miscommunication, and the three of us have been joking about it ever since.

How Tanner is our son. He's been sick this last week, so Jacob and I have been extra parental lately. One of these days we're going to wake up to find him in between us in the bed.

This conversation:
Jacob S - "I can't sleep unless I'm on my stomach."
Jerry - "That's funny, because I can't sleep unless I'm your stomach."

Joe G found a giant teddy bear at Luke's cabin, wearing a moose-themed shirt. A few minutes later, we noticed the teddy bear was wearing a different shirt...Joe had switched his own shirt for the moose-themed one.

Mason's prayer at the BBQ. It was a heartfelt and sincere prayer, and he ended it with, "But most of all, Lord, we just want to thank you for Texas. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." And we all had no choice but to say "amen," which he reminded us of for the next half hour or so.

Also, "Beauty and the Beast" opens on Friday. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.


Curt said...

Dance like nobody's watching; write like nobody's reading! I will continue to read, because I love it. But the principle is the same. Write because you enjoy it, because you want to save the memories, and let us watch from the sidelines. Damn the punctuation! Full speed ahead!

Valerie said...

It was undoubtedly James who made the comment you're referring to. Ignore that dude. What does he know?

Do you write your blog for James Best? Of course not. Nobody does.

That being said, they are inside jokes, but, who cares? You don't write your blog for me either.

Carry on.

James Best said...

Everybody writes their blog for James Best. EVERYBODY!

I will now start to critique your Playmill posts on a 1 to 10 scale of Clarity to Obtuseness.