Sunday, May 12, 2013

Playmill highlights o' week 3

Okay, so some of these things are I'm not sure what the right term is, but some of the things on this list haven't necessarily happened during week 3. I just remembered them this week.

Also, I think this is going to become a regular feature on the blog this summer. Maybe not a weekly feature (things can get busy), but definitely a regular feature.


Dinner with Jerry, Jacob Squire, and Jacob husband at Wild West Pizza, after wandering around West Yellowstone for 10 minutes looking for someplace warm and open. The meal involved playing table soccer with my bottle of lactose pills, drawing all over our to-go box, and one long moment of transcendent bliss when we each took our first bite of pizza. (My lactose pills were reduced to crumbs and powder, but I smile every time I open the bottle.)

Mason's reaction to Squire performing "Me" in Beauty and The Beast. The first time he saw it, he threw a water bottle around and kicked a few things while shouting, "You're a freaking MAN! A freaking MAN! Seriously! If I was a girl..."

How Kenzie, our choreographer, uses her legs to express emotion. Or wave.

Jerry saying this: "Forget about the shirt off your back, how about the poop off your floor?!"

Joe Galati accidentally "drinking" 2 pounds of applesauce.

Misha arriving and adding the high soprano parts to all the songs, so that all of us go, "Oh! That's what this song is supposed to sound like!"

Driving to Rigby for baby Charlie's blessing with Mason and Tanner. And that moment when we were passing a semi, and Mason saw another semi in the distance, coming towards us in the opposite lane, and yelled "Ooooohhh shiz!" at the top of his lungs, freaking Tanner out and making Jacob and I laugh.

How Tanner makes car noises when he's speeding up to pass someone.

Taylor snapping a towel onto Justin D's leg so hard that it left a welt, and the noise of the "crack" of towel against leg left our ears ringing for a moment. This was especially impressive because Taylor just learned to snap towels a few minutes previously.

Justin D's insane Korean "chicken fight" game, which involved holding one ankle and hopping around trying to knock each other over. Like this:

And here's another story about Mason not being self-conscious. Jacob and I were at the boys' apartment, and Mason walked out in a towel, saying, "Time to shower." When we reacted with surprise and laughter, he said, "Don't worry, I'm wearing underwear underneath." I laughingly said, "Prove it!" And he did.

Joe Galati saying, "I've always wanted to learn how to juggle, but I've just never had the balls to do it."

The unofficial tradition we've started of Thursday night girl's night. The boys usually go play basketball at the church with the Elder's Quorum, so we girls get together at one of our apartments and talk about everything from what marriage means to addiction recovery.

The night that a moth attacked Taylor, and instead of freaking out like a normal human being, she reacted like a Disney princess. She just smiled at the moth and said, "Well, hello!"

How I saw a fox wandering through town on two separate occasions.

The night that a handful of cast members stayed after rehearsal to help Boyd with flats. It involved successfully aligning two sides of a picture on two separate flats, and also "finger dueling" for the last chicken wrap. Jacob Squire beat everyone, but gave the prize to Jacob Chapman, who ate it "while praising Jacob's name with every bite."

And finally, I sprained my thumb this week. Not too badly, but I've been wearing a splint off and on while it heals. The inconvenience of it was made up for by the fact that I did it because I was laughing and fell off the dressing room counter. I'm still not exactly sure how it all happened...all I know is that I landed on my thumb.

But sprained thumb or no sprained thumb, I'm so glad to be here. I get to do what I love, surrounded by people that I love, in a place that I love. What more could anyone ask for?


James Best said...

This is like reading a dictation of a night of inside jokes or going to a high school reunion not your own.

I'm glad you're having a good time. Tell the Merrills I said hi.

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