Friday, March 01, 2013

"When I played basketball in high school, the other players used to listen to hip hop before games..."

"...and I would listen to 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' and everybody would make fun of me."

I actually never played basketball in high school. That quote is from Jordan Tait.

But I am, at heart, a geeky drama nerd. Like, I try to be a mature, in-touch and professional actor, but that doesn't stop me from being an enthusiastic lover of shiny shiny musicals. Also, Jacob and I are going to be at the Playmill in a few months, and I'm remembering how much I love musical theatre. So I guess I fit the geeky drama stereotype in a few ways after all.

So today, we celebrate the theatre of song and dance. Here are a few guilty and not-so-guilty musical theatre pleasures for your enjoyment.

One day I will play Miss Hannigan. (Or maybe I'll just be Carol Burnett. I think that's actually the bigger goal...)

And how adorable is Rick Moranis?

Remember when Daniel Radcliffe did this?

"With the price of meat what it is...."

I know Angela Lansbury originated the role, but I like Patti Lupone better.

Cabaret might be one of the best movie musicals of all time. Because Bob Fosse is the shiz. So so so brilliant.

And in honor of that quote up there:

(I'd feel like I could win a basketball game after listening to that...)

Jacob is also in on this musical theatre love, what with our approaching Playmill summer, though he's not quite on the kick I am at the moment. But there are a handful of plays we want to do together someday. We've got our entire lives together to do this, so here's hoping it all comes true.

Liz - Dolly Levi
Jacob - Horace Vandergelder

Liz - Mrs. Lovett
Jacob - Sweeney Todd

Liz - Madame Thenardier
Jacob - Monsieur Thenardier

If ever we're at a party together, grab a guitar and request that Jacob and I sing "Master of the House" together. We're pretty good.


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James Best said...

It's good to have goals like this. I like naming it, putting it out there. I think that stupid book The Secret is all about that. (Unless you read that book and liked it, then it's just "that book The Secret".)

I'm sometimes scared to say some of those things out loud. They stay in my head like mountains in the distance that I'm pretending like I'm not walking towards.

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