Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things Found in Books

Short post today. 

I love "found things." Scraps of paper intrigue me. The other day I found a note tucked into one of my own books, speculating on what would happen if birds slept around more. (Which is a really good question, although I don't know how much birds actually sleep around already.) Other things found in books lately:

A pedigree chart for Adolf Hitler (in a book of monologues)
Pro-wrestler trading cards (in a book of trivial knowledge)
Business card for an "Erotic Party" consultant (in a copy of "The Dogs of Babel")

Glorious fabulous realities. 


kate said...

I once found a post-it that said "I'm just the Asian girl who sits behind you and adores you" in a used text book.


A said...

I think I may have blogged about this once...

But you might like looking through:

a thread on strange bookmarks

a blog called Forgotten Bookmarks

There should be a tumblr of things found in books where people can submit photos of what they find.

Carrie Lynn said...

In "The Survivor's Club: The science and secrets that could save your life" I found an black Shakespeare quiz and girl's report card. She had C's and D's and it reminded me of me. I don't care about Shakespeare right now- I want to learn what I want to learn.
I liked this post very, very much.

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Mandi said...

A, there is! (sorta) I just spent hours perusing this site earlier this week:
It's not limited to notes one finds in books, although there are many of those.

Jules said...

In my senior english class my teacher was handing out everyone's new copy of Kate Chopin's The Awakening (that had just arrived that morning and she was handing them out straight from the box), in mine there was a torn piece of paper from a daily planner that read, in scary, huge, black ink: "EDNA DIES."

Geez, dude, spoiler alert.