Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Really Good Ideas I've Had Lately

Not being able to sleep, and deciding to watch Law & Order: SVU, by myself, in an old hotel at the edge of the woods in a very very very small town. (While I was up in West Yellowstone doing a painting gig. Jacob stayed behind in Rexburg to work. We both got horrid colds, and missed each other.)

Buying a shelving unit from K-Mart when my transportation is a moped.*

Eating two brownies for lunch. AND dinner. (That's 4 brownies total, people. I feel awesome and kind of like crap.)

Watching "Grey Gardens" from beginning to end, even though I'm home alone. It's disturbing and now I feel weird.

Letting Baby Kaitlynn play with a roll of toilet paper while I baby-sit. She never used to eat it, but she's developed raptor reflexes and it's hard to stop her from putting it in her mouth. (I've managed to swipe everything she's tried to swallow, but maybe we'll stick with rattles and board books from now on.)

*More on the moped later.


Annie McNeil said...

That's a really pretty picture of a lightbulb.

How did you end up getting the shelving unit home? Did you strap it precariously to your moped? I want to see an Alie Brosh illustration of that.

kate said...

Well, I have LOTS of good ideas then and most sound about like your #3.

ivy said...

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