Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Night of Nights

We did it. Argentine? That Steampunk Operetta? It was a blast.

I was terrified for most of the evening leading up to it, but got my bearings soon enough, and the story and the music took over and it was wonderful. EVERYONE did soooo good. Garrett's poetry shimmered, Trina's/Phil's/Garrett's instrument playing was phenomenal, and everyone sang with power and awesomeness. (AND I didn't suck too bad at the poem, I don't think, which is good, because I was really nervous about it. It's hard to speak someone else's words and feel like you're doing them justice, but I think it was okay.)

I keep being unsure whether or not it really happened. Maybe it's not a huge deal, but I've never sung someplace like Sammy's before. I've sung at the Playmill, and I've sung at BYU-I, but singing at a little venue someplace like Sammy's is something I've quietly dreamed of and never thought I would actually do. Like, I would have put it on my Bucket List or my "26 Things to do While 26" list, but I never thought it would really happen. (In part because I just couldn't imagine an opportunity, but also because it was too scary. But like I was reminded yesterday, "There are times we are filled with fear, but like a hallway, we must find the strength to walk through it.")

So, all you people at Sammy's last night, you made more than one dream come true. Thank you.

A full house. 

Garrett starting the night off with some awesome poetry.

Trina, operetta writer and pianist extraordinaire.

Narrator Dan and musicians Garrett and Phil. (I think this is an awesome picture.)

Mechanical man Felix and Argentine. 

Beatrice the Formidable. 

The brilliant scientist Hammond. (Who is really hot.)


Mad props to everyone who helped out with this project...Sarah for her vocal coaching, everyone who helped advertise, the costume shop, etc. Also thanks to Camilla for taking these rocking photos of the night. (You can see more of her photos here.)

But ESPECIALLY, thanks to the Family Crisis Center in Rexburg, for coming out to support this event. They really are a fantastic organization. Before the show last night, Trina talked about how domestic violence is not just being hit. It is being silenced. It is being stuck. It is being in a situation where you are not safe, emotionally or physically. For anyone reading this who may be in a place like this, or know someone who is, I promise there are resources available to you. There are people who care. And you have more strength than you may realize.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233)
This number will help you in case of crisis, and put you in touch with resources in your area.

Sometimes you won't know you have wings until you take a breath and fly. 


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Jules said...


This looks so amazing! You look amazing! Jacob looks amazing! Your hair looks amazing! Your dress! Your face poised into a beautiful pause before taking breath to sing! And your hair! Did I mention your hair??

You wild and passionate life liver you.

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