Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"They say the sea is cold but the sea contains the hottest blood."

We're on our way back from our Oregon Coast college friends reunion. Our Baker City hotel has a television, which is enough of a novelty to distract me from writing much more tonight, but look forward to hearing about the highlights of the trip, including but not limited to:

Failed dance dares
$150 spent at Powell's Books
Crepes once a day (minimum)
Being old

To those whom we know and love in the area, the visit was a heart-breakingly short one, and we're sorry if we didn't get to see you!


Jules said...


I understand.

Jaggers Brain said...

I am now totally in love with Bananagrams!

Also a hightlight: The Flying Scotsman!

Annie said...

"Whales Weep Not", D. H. Lawrence. I only know that because of Star Trek.

Miss you, LizWhit and Yakov!

Sarey: I thought it was the Frying Scotsman?

Jaggers Brain said...

You are correct Annieface it is indeed the Frying Scotsman. For some reason my hands decided to type something else!

Good catch.