Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thoughts during rehearsal for "Enchanted April"

1. Wearing a wreath of flowers in your hair during rehearsal is lovely, even if sometimes, in tender moments, it gets caught in your stage partner's hair, and you have to stop and de-tangle it. Which sort of ruins the moment.
2. If Kelly makes it through this show without breaking character, she should be awarded a large sum of cash. I couldn't do it.
3. The problem with having a cast that all gets along really well is that we start having way too much fun. We can usually make it until roughly 9:30 every night. Then it's over. For example, last night I missed an entrance. My explanation was "I'm sorry. We're licking elbows back here." And we were.
4. Neither Dave nor Nick should be allowed to dance backstage. Especially if I'm looking their direction. Between Dave's knees and Nick's hips, it's too much.
5. Nick doesn't grab his rib-cage in fear as much as he used to. Shame. That was a hysterical habit he developed in his character.
6. Jacob's improvised lines--AKA the things he says in character when he can't remember what he's actually supposed to be saying--are always brilliant.
7. I shall pronounce the word "been" correctly by the end of the production.
8. There are all kinds of Canadians in this cast/crew. I've begun to pronounce things like "sorry" differently.
9. People totally speak Italian in this play. It's awesome. It sounds like they know what they're doing.
10. One of my stage directions says "glowing with thrift." How exactly does one "glow with thrift"?


Mary K. Mennenga said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, would love to see it. Might be better to see from back stage!

Jessie said...

I need to tell you something very sad/maybe funny. So, I noticed a couple of times that I'd be emailed a comment from you that didn't show up on my blog. I figured you must be leaving comments then deleting them which confused me a little. But THEN! Two minutes ago! I checked my spam filter, and about every comment you've left me was in there. What!? No idea why. Anyway, in case you were wondering why you were leaving comments that never showed up - I was NOT deleting them. I marked them as non-spam so hopefully it'll quit doing that. Weird!!!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

I'm glad to hear that, didn't think you were deleting them, just thought I did something wrong. Just very glad to hear that you found them.

Jules said...

I think you need to post a pic of that wreath in your hair. Also, are you licking each other's elbows or trying to lick your own? Because I've found the latter impossible. In fact, it was rumored in grade school that if you licked your elbow, you'd switch genders. Tread lightly.

p.s. Liz, your comments show up in my spam filter too! I have to move them over every time.

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