Friday, February 10, 2012

Bad news for farmers, good news for my soul

So winter has been very mild this year. Which I'm a huge huge fan of. The above pictures were taken last month, in January.

Yeah, that's Rexburg. In JANUARY. Know what Rexburg usually looks like in January? Like this:

This is real. It was actually taken in NOVEMBER of 2010.

Let me give you a little breakdown of how much of an anomaly this winter is. (I actually looked this up. Just for you people.)


2007 - 2008: 23.9 inches
2008 - 2009: 35.2 inches
2009 - 2010: 18.8 inches
2010 - 2011: 23.8 inches
Average: 25.4 inches

This year: 9.4 inches

I can't tell you how much joy this has brought me. I think we might just scrape through with no real winter at all! It's practically spring anyway. And okay, I'm probably being extremely inconsiderate of the many farmers whose living is dependent upon precipitation. Sorry, farmers. But I really love how non-wintery this winter has been.

Hopefully I'm not jinxing it.

PS: The pictures at the top of this entry were taken from our roof, which we can access from our bedroom window. There's even a little balcony porch thing right outside our window. I'm planning on making the it a "reading garden" come summer.

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Beckah said...

You better be careful. We got a few inches of snow in Ashland today. I'm blaming the groundhog.

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