Monday, December 19, 2011

Now that school is out...

(UPDATE: Links have been added to the post below this one...the one wherein I recommend several documentaries.)

...Jacob and I have been doing the following:
Playing guitar (Jacob)
Watching movies (both of us)
and learning how to use Photoshop more awesomely (me)

Wanna see? I've been learning how to use gradients.

Fun, right? My favorites are the Buddy Holly one and the Beatles one. And the one of Jacob dressed all crazy isn't bad either.

(Also, I hope no one is offended by that last one. A friend and I were joking lovingly about Oregon once and he said that. I thought it was a hilariously accurate portrayal of Oregon. I love Oregon with my whole heart. Although I don't necessarily advocate smoking pot. I'm all for supporting lesbians, though.)


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Beckah said...

All of these are amazing. Especially the last one. And the turtle one.

WV: "adeinfa" - a really cool way of saying "I don't know"

Bobowhee said...

Can I PLEASE steal the last one and post it to Facebook? I feel like that would be the most epic thing EVER!

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Love your blogs...
Please check mine out;


Annie said...

THAT shirt! The one Jacob's wearing! Isn't that one I gave you? I'm so glad it's been immortalized in that photo.

Also, thanks for the link to the documentary site. I'm working my way through an awesome one about the existence of God narrated by Morgan Freeman.

mallosaurus said...

hahahahaha i did some serious LOLing at several of those photos. especially keeping rexburg weird. hahaa