Friday, October 07, 2011

It begins

This was yesterday. Today is more of the same. (Like, literally. More.)

I think the saddest part of this picture is the soaked and limp prayer flags. *Sigh*

To be honest, even though I spent all of yesterday blatantly denying the change of weather ("I reject your reality! What are you talking about? It's July!"), I'm actually okay. I'm choosing to be okay.

Here's my theory. Winter is hardest from January on. Because in those early autumn/winter months, there are awesome things to look forward to. My attitude about the weather tends to look like this:

September: "Yay! It's my birthday! And school starts! And it's totally still summer. I can wear sandals around campus and do my homework in the park. I love September."

October: "Meh, the weather's getting cold, but that's okay because it's HALLOWEEN! And the fall leaves ARE pretty...maybe I should just admit that this is pleasant instead of trying to be different from every other blogger ever..."

November: "Brrrr, it's getting cold. But that's okay because it's THANKSGIVING! I love pumpkin pie so much. And turkey. And family. And friends. And gratitude. And I don't mind the snow when I can stay inside for a few days, wearing my pajamas and watching movies with my family and friends and eating awesome things."

December: "Okay, now it's really cold. But that's okay because it's CHRISTMAS! And I love Christmas maybe even more than I love pumpkin pie. I love Christmas music and making gifts for people and the smell of pine needles and having like two weeks to watch movies and eat awesome things. And caroling! And celebrating the birth of the Savior. Christmas is so beautiful."

January: "Well, New Year's was fun. I'm cold."

February: "Valentine's Day? Too commercial. I celebrate love every DAY. Hallmark can't tell ME what to do. I'm cold."

March: "I'm German. Not Irish. I'm cold."

April: "I'm still cold. But I love General Conference." 

May: "I'm in Rexburg. And I'm still cold."

June: "At last! My heart leaps with sunshine!"

So I'm choosing to enjoy the weather. Instead of grumping about how fall is "the death of all living things." Because there IS something beautiful about it. I admit it, blogworld. The leaves are beautiful. The crisp air does make me feel alive. I love cuddling up inside my warm house and drinking hot chocolate.

But I won't start talking about boots and sweaters, because they may be nice to LOOK at, but as for me and my house, I prefer to be as nekkid as possible, as often as possible. (AND I'm not stupid...)

Or at least I prefer shorts and a t-shirt to boots and sweaters. Even if said boots and sweaters are adorable.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Fall ... it's my favorite time of year!

Says the person who lives in the Bay Area.

But I actually do miss the time I spent living in Provo; I really love the passage of time in seasons, which we just don't get out here. I'm hoping in my retirement to live somewhere with those ... what are they called again? ... oh, that's right: seasons!

Love you!

word verification: "amentos" - the end of a prayer spoken while chewing minty candy.

Jaggers Brain said...

I also have been trying to enjoy the weather, but that isn't too hard to do living in the Bay Area. I second what your Mom said. I liked the changing of the seasons in Provo, but the bay area has the best motorcycle weather!

Love you!

ha ha the word verification is sessingi... it sounds like a type of dog.

trinketsandtalmud said...

Hi - i'm new to your blog but I just had to tell you how funny i thought that post was - especially since it's spring here in Australia and still raining and pouring and freezing!
keep up the good work,
xoxo ellyse

Valerie said...

This photo is terrifying. I hope it has melted.

Aimee said...

This short story is really great