Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Normally, I don't do stuff like this, and I'm trying not to post 2 days in a row, but THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Remember our awesome friends Carrie and Scott? Scott is TIED FOR 2ND PLACE to be on Cheapster TV and win $10,000 for his wife and baby. I'm serious. But he needs your facebook vote. Go like his picture on Cheapster Hopefuls. See, here's a link. If you don't do it, you have no soul, because it's Scott's birthday and all he wants is for you to like his picture on Cheapster Hopefuls. I'm serious.

Here's a picture of Scott being really happy that you're liking his picture on Cheapster Hopefuls:

After YOU'VE liked his picture, tell everyone you know to do the same. I normally HATE shameless self-promotions like this, but Scott on a TV show would be America's dream come true, and they just had a baby, and he would use the prize money to pay off student loans. So they kinda deserve this.

So why are you still reading? Go like his picture. 


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James Best said...

Yeah, I did it. Howzabout that? I hope he wins.

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