Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Grump

When I was a kid, and mad about something, my mom would have me go into my room and scream into/hit a pillow. I would do that now, but I fear it would exhaust me.*

Know what SUCKS? Getting your wisdom teeth out.

The stupid thing is that, compared to many others, I’ve actually had a really good experience. No swelling, no infection. No violent illness of any sort.

It’s just that my jaw hurts like HELL, so I have painkillers. But those painkillers make me woozy and sleepy and light-headed. So I can either be in incredible pain, or woozy. Either way, I’m sort of stuck lying around and not doing much. Which would be cool if we lived somewhere other than Rexburg, where there were more things to do.

It's a Catch-22. I start to get stir-crazy and feeling rotten just sitting around the house, so I get up and do things. Which exhaust me and make me feel woozy and unwell. Maybe I should find some moderation or something...

Sorry about the complaining. I’ve been going crazy for days now.

It didn't help that it was Labor Day Weekend and EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED. I’ve sort of exhausted photoshop tutorials and Netflix Instant Viewing. Now that we've made a trip to the library and gotten a few new puzzles, maybe I'll find my rose-colored glasses again. In the meantime, I'm grumpy about the entire situation.

(PS: That is one good thing about this...I'm getting way better at using photoshop. I have time to learn nowadays. And download-able photoshop brushes are AMAZING. I can make neat things like this. Which isn't really anything...it's just me learning how to do a few different things on photoshop. But it's got the potential to BECOME something, yeah? Neat, yeah?)

*This is a method that I'm still a firm believer in, and plan on advising my own kids to use. Gets the little kid aggression out in a physical way without causing damage to persons or feelings.

UPDATE: After a short cry, a good cuddle, an encouraging pep-talk from Jacob, and a good movie, I am doing much better. Sometimes you gotta break down a little before things are looking up again. Thanks for your words of encouragement, dear readers.


Jacqueline said...

yeah, my mom used to make me go play on kid pix/write in my temper journal/ sit on a hard wooden "forgiveness" stair. pathetic i know. but it all worked every time. that and im pretty positive i tested the theory that you can breathe for up to five minutes into a pillow (while crying/screaming) when i got my wisdumb teeths out i got a ... dry socket? like a month after i got them out and it hurt like all hell. so be careful of those. that's kinda what your jaw sounds like you might have. i didnt even use a straw or anything so i have no idea how i got it but it was terrible. and by then the painkillers were all gone (i flushed most of them down the toilet because i didnt want to use em andi didnt want the temptation to be there later) anyways. get feeling better. and eat some steak. or gum some. or something. but feel better! wf: notiont (not tonight, in wisdomless speak)

rsctt said...

I hated it when my wisdom teeth got infected, and had to have them pulled. Bummer