Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Technological Red Tape

Today, I:

1. Tried to budget for the coming semester by accessing Jacob's student account to see his financial aid information. The site refused to load the financial aid awards page.

2. Tried to plan for the coming semester by checking my student schedule on MY student account. The page refused to load.

3. Decided to give up and clean the house, and went to Netflix online to put on a documentary to watch/listen to while I cleaned. And for some reason, the account has been put on hold.

4. Thought to call/text my sister about the Netflix account, before realizing that my cell phone is in a box on its way to Oregon to be swapped for a new one. 

I was going to go make myself some food to comfort my frustrated soul, but I fear none of the kitchen appliances will cooperate.


Beckah said...

I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

It's like you've been transported back in time to when I was your age! Are there any payphones around? (wink ... but also, good luck!)