Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Big (or very small) news

I'm going to write about my 4th of July weekend at some point, including a rant about the terrible sunburn I got, but first, there are two small miracles that need to be celebrated.

The first small miracle belongs (in part) to this person:
(Yep, Carrie. I used THIS photo.)
This is Carrie Chapman. We became friends in the fall of 2004, in Acting I, and we've been tight ever since. Our friendship is based on telling great stories, helping each other through hard times, exchanging letters while Carrie was on a mission, and similar liberal/hippie views of the world. She is one of my best friends in the world and I love her.

In April of 2009, Carrie married this person:
His name is Scott, and he plays the guitar and collects funny t-shirts. They were our downstairs neighbors during the first 6 months of Jacob and I's marriage, and we miss them every single day.

And on June 28th, these people became a family of three, as this little person came into the world:
This little bundle of joy is named Georgia Rose, AKA "Peach" or "Peach Pie." (Georgia peach...get it?) I don't know a lot about her yet, and I'm sure she's still learning about herself, too. She's only been here on earth for 7 days. But everyone is sure glad she's here. I can't wait to meet her, and she is one lucky baby to have Scott and Carrie for a mom and dad.

The second miracle belongs (also in part) to this person:
This is Jordan Tait, another bestie. We became friends on the night I smeared chocolate on his face at this party in the Fall of 2006, and we spent a Playmill summer together in 2007. Our friendship is based on similar tastes in music, a shared passion for comedy, film, and theatre, and helping each other accomplish and face difficult things.

In August of 2010, about a month after my own wedding, Jordan married this person:
This is Heather. Heather is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and if she seems shy when you first meet her, don't let that fool you. She's also got a FANTASTIC sense of humor, and is a stronger person than most other people you'll meet.

And in the early evening of July 4th, the duo became a trio with the arrival of this little girl:
This is Baby Tait. She doesn't have a name quite yet, although I keep rooting for "Elizabeth." =) (UPDATE: THIS IS KAITLYNN ELIZABETH TAIT. Bam.) Her birth was welcomed by a procession on Main Street (four marching bands, seven cheer/dance teams, Miss Rexburg, the dancing guys from Ray's Car Wash, and floats advertising local businesses), and fireworks. But she deserves it. I haven't met her yet, but if she's anything like her parents, I already know she's a gem. I can't wait to meet her later today, or tomorrow.

I have all sorts of new thoughts about the miracle of birth and families and stuff, but at the moment I'm still a little speechless with the wonder of it all, and even if I could articulate my thoughts and feelings, I don't know if this blog is the place to record them. So I'll just say that these two little people amaze me. I'm so excited for these dear friends to begin this journey of parenthood. I keep having these experiences that make me think "Whoa. I'm like, an ADULT now." And then something else happens that makes me feel like that again and I feel like I never really was grown up before. I guess that will continue until the end of my life, and probably beyond.

In the meantime, I'm thrilled for the Chapmans and the Taits. Congratulations to two new little families.


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Carrie Lynn said...

You're so sweet, Liz! Thank you.
Also, I'm glad you included a pretty picture from my wedding so I didn't have to kill you over the one where I am snorting something off of your cheek bone.

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Oh, that first wedding photo is beautiful! :)


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Cute. I love your blog, Liz. And I hadn't heard about Heather yet - so thanks!

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