Sunday, May 08, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I know I have left you all hanging on the whole New York trip thing. I apologize. I've been fighting off a cold (which I have officially defeated, kind of, except for a lingering cough), helping to plan a theatre summer camp at BYU-Idaho, and trying to memorize what I've concluded is the most challenging monologue in all of theatre. So the rest of the NYC trip is forthcoming. I probably could have hammered it out in the last week or so, but I knew it would be no good, and I'm sure that when you read more about New York, you'll want it to be good. I'll want it to be good. In summary, I am sorry to leave you all in suspense. But I make no promises as to when the rest of my travel journal will be published. Patience is a virtue. And besides, today's about something else.

Today is Mother's Day! The closer I get to the possibility of being a mother myself, and the more I see loved ones around me embarking on this adventure, the more my appreciation for motherhood grows. I'm glad we have today to celebrate it.

Today is about Marianna Wolff, who taught me to love learning, to care for everyone no matter what color their skin or whether they look or act differently, and to find beauty in nature.

Today is about Mary Whittaker, who taught me the beauty of weeding a garden in the early hours of the summer, the secrets of that mysterious world of cooking, and the joy of living the Gospel.

Today is about Kristi Chapman, who taught me more about the blessings of friendship, the power of kindness, and the fact that family love knows no blood boundaries.

Today is about Carrie, Heather, and Jacqueline, and anyone else who is getting ready to make this big leap into motherhood.

Today is about Amber and Annelise...and all those who are mothers to little ones who are waiting for them on the other side. And about those who have lost before they had the chance to begin.

Today is about Darcy, Amanda Kelley, Taylor, and Kara, and every other wonderful mother whose example I am blessed to follow.

Today is about those who long for motherhood, but haven't yet felt tiny feet kick their insides.

Today is about all the fears, the firsts, and the fights, all of the laughter and terror and hope that is motherhood. Mothers of the world, I salute you. I'm excited to join your ranks someday.


Amber said...

I did not expect that. Thanks, Liz! I cried at work as soon as I saw Molly. Then of course through the rest of it. You're a beautiful person. Thanks for making my mother's day better :)

Mrs. Pingel said...

Thank you for including me in this. I feel honored. Love you!

Lunettes de soleil Chanel said...

vous fashion.thank pour le partage

Amanda said...

Aww I just saw this! I feel so special to be included! I may or may not have teared up a bit. Now go and have some babies so I can obsess over them too. :)