Monday, May 16, 2011

I'd buy you a green dress...

Spring REFUSES to stay. I'm nursing the sunburn I got yesterday as a reminder of days past. I suppose "showers" do go along with spring, but I want the kind of spring that has SUNSHINE.

Anyway, all this gray sky business has me antsy. The other day while getting gasoline (at like $3.98 a gallon), I glanced up at the gas station building and the signs around it and noticed that the Idaho lottery is at $81 million.

Now I'm not entirely sure I agree with the whole idea of a lottery...any extra money the state has oughta go to education in my opinion, and I know the government taxes the hell out of your winnings. But as I watched the gas tank eat up our budget for the next two months, I couldn't help daydreaming. Here's what I would do with just $1 million, tax free:

1) I would pay off all our students loans (I guess those are all MY loans) and set aside money for the rest of our education, including graduate school.

2) I would fly my family out to Rexburg to see "Waiting for Godot."

3) I would buy a motorcycle.

4) I would visit our friends in England, and traipse about Europe with my husband for a spell.

5) I would possibly buy this house. And then redecorate it some.

6) I would buy the Career Beauty College building on College Ave, renovate it as a theatre and start a theatre company in Rexburg. (I realize I could spend the entire $1 mil on this, but I'll just get it started.)

7) I would buy a lot of movies.

8) I would buy a drumset, and a bass, and a microphone, and a few more amps. And then I would wrap it all up and give it all to Jacob.

9) And after that, I wouldn't know what to do with the remaining $150,000. (Yes, I budgeted this.) I'd probably invest it, and then travel.

What would YOU do with $1 million dollars?


Amanda said...

10) I'd go to Disney World to hang out with Amanda and her cuties.

its okay that you forgot to mention that. I know its a given. :)

Carrie Lynn said...

I would pay off all of our student loans and put aside money for grad school education AND baby's college education

I would buy a small house wherever we were living at the time and then decorate it however I wanted

With the house, I would have a dog, and a garden

I would buy a Jeep Liberty

and I would pay off any debts my family members currently have so that they could come and visit me always.

kate said...

i wouldn't tell a soul. i'd put it in a savings account and live off the interest. i anonymously help out a few family members. finish school. figure out how to have a baby (it's expensive stuff i tell ya!) and i'd buy lando a dirtibke and me some tivas.

Liz-a-nator said...

Oooh Kate I like the idea of keeping it secret and helping people anonymously. =)

Liz-a-nator said...

Oh and yes, Amanda. That was a given.

Anna Alyse said...

I'd travel.
To Armenia.
Buy a ranch.
And a beach house.
And then all the animals at the shelter and give them land to roam on.

I've been feeling extra sentimental towards animals lately.

I'd like to think that I would help out family. I know I'd send my parents on a radical trip. And there's a friend i have who could use a helping hand.

I should stop before I keep rambling.