Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Recent discoveries

1. The Pyramid Code. I love Netflix Instant Viewing so much.  This is a five-part documentary about the ancient Egyptians. Parts of it were SUPER "out there," and I think the writers were trying a little too hard at times to go for the conspiracy theory angle, but there was a lot of interesting information. Very mind and eye-opening.

2. Playing Lucky in Waiting for Godot can be summed up with the following quote from Nathan Lane about Beckett: "It's one thing to look at it on the page, but then you try to do it and you think 'Well, this is impossible!'" Deep down, I do have confidence in my ability to do this. But just because you believe that you're capable of scaling Mt. Everest doesn't make it easy.

3. Scrabble against robots on I get my butt kicked nine out of ten times. But I'm still enjoying it!

4. Puppetry. AMAZING puppetry. SERIOUSLY. Watch this video.
It's a TED talk, so it's about 20 minutes, but if you don't have that time, watch from 9:20 to about 11:00. This is an example of the puppetry used in War Horse, one of the plays we're seeing when we go to New York. (In four days.)

There are times when the "off-brand" rises above and provides something beautiful. These are some of the creamiest peanut-butter cups I've ever tasted. I mean, I'm looking forward to eating in New York and everything, but these are pretty good at tiding me over.


Anonymous said...

You post about being in a Beckett play reminds me of the great director's note in SOU's "King Lear". The director was asked to do the play, and he felt incredibly intimidated by it. The response was something like, "It's King Lear ... You can't help but fail." I love the notion of just embracing failure ... that you'll just never get it right. To me, it just releases you to do anything, try anything ... to just go for it. So .... GO FOR IT!

much love,

word verification: Poltzin - a character in "Waiting for Godot" that was cut in the final version of the play.

Fresh Garden said...

A nice post, can't wait to give it a try, I mean the peanut butter.

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Beckah said...

Gee, I thought the days of blog spam were over. I guess not.

Yay, "Waiting for Godot!" We're discussing it in my DWC class on Wednesday...and I'm sure you'll be brilliant! You have a brilliant cast so work together to creat something brilliant! Ok? Brilliant!

I love you. And miss you. Come visit me.

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