Monday, February 14, 2011 like cloth?

Hey! I'm married! It's my first Valentine's Day with a permanent significant other! So that's nice. But the part of me that's been celebrating "Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.)" on February 14th for the last ten years just can't get into a mainstream Hallmark holiday. I love my husband dearly and am thrilled to be sharing this holiday with him, but I refuse to conform. So here's my V-day celebration post. A little early-2000's throwback.* I'm glad I got my own TECH-NO-LOGICAL-RO-MANCE. Full bars. 

*Can something that recent be considered a "throwback"?


Jaggers Brain said...

I've never seen that one! That is fantastic! Oh how I miss teen girl squad!

terrah-tyler harper said...

This is great. We're reposting it on our blog.